Sep 07 2020

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All Lift Forklifts & Access Equipment are a long-term client of Zimple Digital. Coming on board with Zimple over five years ago and moving through two other website development projects with our team. All Lift Forklifts & Access Equipment are Australia’s leading supplier for the hire and sale of forklifts, telehandlers and access equipment. Their business has grown rapidly, now taking on a national distributorship for Magni and Liugong machines. With offices across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria this was a project that had little room for error. 

The primary goal for this project was identified through limited SEO capabilities of the old site and creating a new digital presence so their online business reflected the high-quality work they complete in a physical capacity. We needed to communicate the many arms of the business while keeping user experience at the forefront of our decision making to develop a site that allowed for business flexibility and future growth. 


The key objective for the All Lift Forklifts & Access Equipment website redevelopment project was to communicate their many different business offerings with ease, including but not limited to; sale, hire, servicing, training and operator hire. This site was to position All Lift as industry leaders in this area, allow for future business growth and enhanced digital marketing activities to generate business growth. This project was identified from technical aspects that compromised organic growth and the need to increase conversions and take advantage of their mobile. 

The client’s key performance indicators were: 

  • Streamlined user experienced with an enhanced design 
  • Increased conversions and enquiries on site
  • Increased SEO functionality for continued organic growth.
Service Areas

This project was identified through the particular need for technical increases from an SEO standpoint and design elevation for enhanced user experience (UX). Prior to the project kick off we held an in depth design meeting with key stakeholders from All Lift to outline a new sitemap and key design elements. We reviewed their top competitors, target audiences and purchase funnels to understand how different audiences might explore the site. Zimple Digital had an abundance of prior knowledge on this client due to the long-term relationship, so this created an element of ease to understanding their business needs and wants throughout the project.


The solution for Australia’s leading forklift and access equipment distributor was to create a site that highlighted their many business arms, locations and offerings whilst really positioning them for success from a digital marketing perspective. 

We prioritised User Experience (UX) by creating an easy-to-use website with a mega menu for simplistic navigation and to entice users to enquire about the products. At the forefront of the design process was the goal to showcase the high quality and functionality of all machines. The site uses All Lifts brand colours of orange, black, greys and whites with bold fonts, clean lines and easy shapes to communicate to their largely male target audience. Through various simple call to actions (CTAs) we can ensure that users are guided through the hire, buy or servicing pages with ease. 

Secondary to the user experience was to highlight the strong family orientated, friendly and great customer service that All Lift has to offer. We achieved this by using a website specific video and photo shoot to encompass the physical aspect of their brand through digital means. The website showcases a hero video on the homepage and photography throughout. 

The individual pages highlighting the difference between hiring or buying a machine meant we were able to focus specifically on different SEO goals and content. Each product has a dedicated product listing with the ability to have multiple images, videos, PDF specification sheet downloads and quick form submission which automatically populates what machine you are enquiring about. These machines are housed through the four different top tier filtering, with the ability to also sort by machine type, new or used and brands. 

The design and development of this project was highly intertwined due to the complexity of how the backend needed to function while offering everything from a customer point of view. We were able to implement various enhancements using subtle animations, mega menu and hamburger menu to neatly structure the website. The website showcases similar products automatically based on what the user is searching for and allows for featured products on pages which receive the most traffic. 

The website has subtle touches of technical ‘wow’ that are virtually invisible to the user. Firstly, the phone number on site changes depending on the location of the user's IP address and displays the relevant All Lift state phone number automatically. Again, in terms of customer enquiries, we implemented separate forms for each page, with custom submission calls that would push relevant enquiries to the relevant state team. For example the operator page has a specific form compared to training, each of these forms then has three different submissions that auto pushes to the relevant state sales team. 

Another feature we included for the All Lift team was the ability to point users to the Customer Details Form which they could fill in and sign online, where a PDF would then automatically send to their admin team. Eliminating about three steps in their sales process from sending, printing and scanning back the old form! These features allow the All Lift sales team to decrease their work time on admin tasks internally which is a huge positive. 

As part of their ongoing digital marketing work we ensured there was a seamless integration into their MailChimp database for newsletter subscribers to continue to grow their email conversions. Dynamic landing pages were implemented which included video, images, FAQs, testimonials and 3D virtual inspections of their machines. These landing pages added an extra ability in selling their machinery before the user was able to physically inspect them. 

There was a heavy component in rewriting all on-site copy for the All Lift website in order to continue to grow their organic presence. With over 180 machines and various other pages this was a huge task which essentially could have meant success or failure for this project. Off the back of the content rewrite was implementing over 400 redirects to ensure users from the old website could land on the appropriate link for the new website. All of this came down to the technical structure of the website and the look to continue their growth into the future. 

All Lift Forklifts & Access Equipment were delivered a website that created a streamlined User Experience, highlighting many different business needs, ensuring that a customer could enquire with the click of a button. 

Increase in organic traffic (3 months post launch)
Satisfaction in client post project survey
Increase in conversions YoY (3 months post launch)

The website has positioned All Lift Forklifts & Access Equipment as industry leaders in forklift and machinery hire and sale for years to come. Off the back of this project we have already reported that their key competitors are seeing increases and want to replicate what the client has achieved through digital mediums. Initial feedback is increased phone calls and form enquiries and a general ‘buzz’ about the future of their business. Navigating this project through COVID-19 added some barriers to completion, however we pushed through and generated an amazing result which will future proof All Lifts online business for years to come.

"I have been working with Zimple for many years now and they have just built a second website for us. Through testing times with COVID-19 they still came through with an amazing end result, it is only still very fresh but we have seen a slight incline in enquiries. Special shout out to Lani she owned the project from start to finish - well done also to the whole ZIMPLE team, thank you" 

Dean Kretchmer Director/Owner

Final Design
Hero video banner
Products CTA highlighting current brands
Servicing CTA to push additional business services
Content section to guide users to dedicated landing pages
Mega Menu (one click to any machine)
Machine categories for easy filtering
Key featured products
Mini Menu to switch between categories
Filtering & Sort By functionality
On page content for strong SEO
Hero imagery to showcase machine
Features | Specs | Enquiry form
Similar products to encourage the user to keep browsing
Enquire and call CTAs
Content accordion for strong SEO
FAQs accordion
On-page enquiry form
Hire Landing
Product Listings
Product Details
Content Page
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