BinShare came to Zimple with a business idea they wanted to bring to life digitally. Having thought about the efficiency of waste management for a number of years, BinShare felt it foolish that we still drive past dozens of empty bins to get to a waste tip.

As a startup with limited resources, the need for capital and a great idea, it was our job to take the concept, refine the digital process from a user experience perspective, and develop it out.

The execution of BinShare needed to evolve past a waste company, to a waste company that digitally connected people with waste to people with bins.


Our sole objective was to establish a minimum viable product (MVP) that could be used to sell the idea to investors, respecting the tight MVP budget constraints and considerations necessary for a start up.

BinShare needed to have just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to afford us the ability to receive robust feedback for future product development.

Service Areas
  • UX Workshop
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Website Development
  • Back-end Development
  • MVP Development
  • Project Management

The very nature of MVP Product Development is collaborative and iterative, and we jumped wholeheartedly into the project in exactly this way. We began (and continued throughout the entire process) with collaborative workshops that included the entire project team. These workshops were essential for us to ensure a thorough understanding of user flows and journeys.

After these initial workshops our team, armed with a robust understanding of the product, diligently worked through the various complex scenarios that needed to be solved in relation to types of waste, GPS location, weight calculations, and other back-end technical calculations. Working through these with a multidisciplinary lens ensured we were comfortable to deliver a product that worked and was streamlined from a user’s perspective.

At the end of those internal sessions, we delivered completed use cases and sequence diagrams alongside a website sitemap that formed the basis of our scope of works to move forward with the project.

Once we had our digital roadmap we jumped into the design process working to produce InVision prototypes that, once finalised, were handed over to our development team to produce alongside our more technical roadmaps produced prior to commencing design.


Working with just a logo, we expanded BinShare into a brand by designing a custom hexagonal brand extension and developed out the brand through the user interface of the site.

The development of BinShare was incredibly technical and required complex mathematical problem solving. Finding a BinSpace requires integration with Google Maps, where we used the mathematics Haversine Formula to determine the great-circle distance between your selected postcode and available bins.

Alongside the front-end there is an entire back-end accounts system that translated simplistically on the front end. Payment is a simple three step process:

  1. Select the bin you wish to book

  2. Confirm the required space and drop-off time

  3. Select the credit card you wish to use from the list of available credit cards entered into the system, stored and transacted through Stripe.

To receive payments, a seller clicks a "connect with stripe" button, fills out the form, and all the information required by the website is automatically pulled from Stripe.

Bin owners pay the same amount to have their bin serviced whether it is empty or full. And, waste companies do their best to make sure bins are as empty as possible when they service them. Given that bins are often close to where we need them – where we live, work and shop – using those bins is far more efficient than driving to the tip or having a skip delivered to your business.

BinShare promotes recycling by enabling the community to access bulk recycling bins where you need them. This will fill the recycling bins, increase the volume transported by waste trucks and reduce the cost of recyclable commodities.

Final Design
Bin Search
How It Works
Search Panel
How It Works
Home Page
Find Bin Space
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Written By

Blake Bennett


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