Jan 30 2019

Case Studies


To create a website that showcases the company Minder as an innovative provider of IT products and services, across Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Valley markets. Central to this website’s success will be the communication of the Minder team’s genuine approach to customer service and reliability, which was briefed in as an accompanying copywriting project.

  • Deliver Minder a website that demonstrates authority in the industry, while also delivering palatable information for users when, where and how they need it throughout the site.

  • Build the website using a robust, industry-supported, easy-to-update CMS.

  • Deliver a platform which facilities the uploading and sharing of key resources.

  • Facilitate outage notifications digitally via the CMS so the website becomes a key resource for existing clients (although extremely rare for Minder!). 

Service Areas

The project began with a kick-off meeting to reaffirm the creative brief and to ensure all key stakeholders of the business has input and involvement into the project prior to commencing. From this meeting we were able to further establish where we needed to focus our attention from a creative/design perspective, meeting all stakeholder requirements, and the project rollout commenced.

Throughout the project regular face to face meetings were held at all key milestones to ensure the project was aligned with the overarching objectives. As the project completion date approached it was clear onsite language would be critical to the success of the websites launch, and it was agreed at this point that our in house Content Producer would be engaged.

With the assistance of our digital marketing team’s SEO Specialist, our Content Producer was briefed with the theming and keywords, to ensure the copy was written for the site with maximum organic search impact. After this, our team methodically worked through all Meta Titles and Descriptions of each page as part of the copywriting project to further ensure success upon launch. 

The final finishing touch for the was ensuring brand consistency across key digital touch points in Minders communication strategy, which included a supplementary project covering email signatures and electronic direct mail templates for future EDMs.


Through leveraging imagery of Minder’s Newcastle office location we were able to design an approachable website environment that welcomes end-users, borrowing from the physical office space.

Our strategic use of imagery focused on people and solutions, meaning we could replace confronting blocks of over-technical content with considered messaging, speaking straight to the needs of website users in a way that matches the real world experience provided to Minder clients.

Subtle cloud transitions accompanied by considered page load help to guide end-users in the journey to their desired onsite destination.

Features such as the Minder Status Centre, Resource Library & email support lodging ensured that all functional boxes had been ticked.

The Zimple Digital team were great from the very beginning. From our first meeting, they were honest and upfront about timings, costings and expectations. The team managed to do what seemed like an impossible task, of making an IT company's website engaging, fresh and relatable to our clients. We are very happy with the final result!

Kirrilly Cable Office Coordinator/Internal Marketing

Final Design
Hover effect (cloud transition)
Humanised copywriting
Solution CTA's
Featured Project/News
CMSable status updates
Service Features
Service Benefits
User Friendly FAQ's
Service Client Testimonials
Quick Access Service Links
Quick Access Client Links
Downloadable Documents
Outage Notification
Resource Centre
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Written By

Nathan Hookway