Oct 14 2020

Case Studies, Digital Design, Web Development


Monteath & Powys, a firmly established local planning, surveying, 3D spatial and project management company, engaged with Zimple for the development of a new website after undergoing a rebrand. 

Established in 1950, legacy was a very important value to the company and we were tasked with respecting that long-standing position in the community, while also doing justice to their modern and innovative services. 


Design a website that acknowledged legacy, experience and tradition, while also demonstrating cutting edge technology and innovation through modern transitions and elements on the site.

It was also important that the site offered a superior user experience to clients, in particular, in government agencies and leading public and private companies in infrastructure, property development and resources.

The website was to act as a portfolio for potential clients to understand the high quality and diversity of M&P projects.    

Service Areas


M&P came to Zimple with a clear brand identity including a new logo, colour palette, fonts, style guide and brand strategy. Zimple worked together with M&P to put together a detailed project brief including project objectives, target audiences, competitors and consumer propositions. Following this, we conducted an in-depth competitor analysis followed by a kickoff meeting.


With a focus on people and landscapes, Zimple was able to create a visually appealing website inline with the branding guidelines. 

Monteath & Powys offer a large and diverse range of services. The user experience was highly considered with simple navigation for the services, each with a dynamic sub-menu for service categories. Within each service category are subcategories, which are included as tiles to provide the user with further information when hovered over.

As M&P have a large number of services and offerings, we proposed that an engaging video be featured on the home page that encapsulates what M&P do, while featuring the people of M&P. By doing this, we personalised and introduced an emotional element to the industry. 

We also included natural backgrounds in all sub pages to match the colour base selected for each page. To break up the boldness of the site, we incorporated soft animation in the “read more” cursor rollovers and the way the navigation works. 

The M&P website includes a portfolio of projects filtered by service category and a blog page to keep their prospective and current clients up to date with market insights. 


Overall M&Ps were a very happy client. They have measured the success of the site on the internal response, the response from current clients and on page user data, all with positive outcomes. The site has encompassed the past, present and future that M&P wanted to convey and they feel the digital representation of the brand has done it justice. 

Written By

Renee Bennett