Feb 02 2019

Case Studies


This website redevelopment signaled the move away from pages and listings within One Agencies website, to an isolated stand-alone website for One Agency Lindy Harris.

The One Agency brand is modern, sophisticated and progressive, so naturally the website design needed to reflect that. Zimple was given creative freedom on the project, however the design had to play within the boundaries of the One Agency franchisor’s brand guidelines. 

The brief was a website that was stylish, clean, with a considered user experience. Essential to the project, was the seamless integration of property data from a third-party platform to ensure no double handling of property data was required.

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Increase online enquiries

  • Capture customer data for marketing opportunities

Service Areas
  • User Experience Design

  • User Interface Design

  • Website Development

  • Back-end Development

  • Project Management

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Analytics and Tracking

  • Website copywriting


Before kicking off Zimple reviewed competitors in the local market closely to ensure we were able to capitalise on the positives digitally. After which, the project was largely driven in-house based on recommendations made by the Zimple team to One Agency.

The project was planned and executed with feedback at each pivotal milestone given by the Business Owner, Executive Assistant and internal Marketing Specialist to ensure we were hitting home on the projects objectives and everyone was happy with the progress.

Throughout development we worked closely with a third-party property management provider to ensure the property data fed through seamlessly. Not only were we ensuring the CMS was easy to update our end, but we worked to ensure all the property data was fed directly from the third-party platform upon initial upload to the third party site straight into the One Agency Lindy Harris website with a click of a button. No double handling needed!

During the process One Agency engaged Zimple to write their website copy. By doing this we were able to research ranking keywords and ensure copy was written with an SEO objective in mind creating greater brand awareness and organic search visibility of the site, brand and listings.


During development we spent time exploring subtle user experience enhancements to further engage One Agency Singleton’s users. We found the sweet spot through the introduction of a loading homepage animation, lazy loading page information and dynamic filtering pages for property inspection times, which kept the website practical for users when filtering through vast amounts of information.

As the brand colours are black, orange and grey it was important that the design had ample white space to ensure the crispness of the brief could be achieved. Call to action buttons became the focal point on pages, ensuring at all times users were encouraged to contact One Agency Lindy Harris, thus contributing to an increase of leads and user data - a key objective on the project!


The One Agency website successfully provides the Singleton based agency a greater online presence, with significantly greater exposure of their property listings in the market.

score for all KPI's in our post-project client survey
Final Design
Quick Search Prompt
User Pathway Funnel CTA's
Featured Property Listings for Silos
Listings Google Map
Listing Search Filtering
Individual Property Listings
Property Info
Quick Share Links
Agency Team for property
Similar Property Links
Dynamic filters for listings
Agent Info
Associated Sold/For Sale Properties
Available Properties
Property Detail
Inspection Times
Agent Detail
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Written By

Lani Beaven