Palaris provides business consulting services within the Resources, Mining and Finance sectors that span across four key areas; Business Improvement, Financial Evaluation, Specialist Project Delivery and Engineering and Risk. Zimple were engaged in 2016 by Palaris to consolidate the brand’s value proposition and streamline the UX via a website redevelopment to more effectively communicate to their business’s target audience.

With global tender submissions being a frequent part of Palaris’s business dealing, the strength of their team of people was the core focus.


Having recently undergone a brand process prior to engaging Zimple, it was essential for the new website to translate this new identity in a considered and tailored way in the digital space. The brand’s key messaging needed to be effectively conveyed to their five target countries and the entire website modernised.

A key focus of this project was on considered translation of the brand into digital, leveraging website development practices to deliver this in an engaging and dynamic way to the target audience. People were to be put first in the design, and were to be showcased alongside a more illustrative non-imagery based execution.

Service Areas
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Website Development
  • Project Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Analytics and Tracking

Having worked with digital agencies previously, Palaris was keen to have a serviced experience for their website development project. A heavy focus from the outset was on forming a collaborative partnership with both a direct IT contact and the CEO to ensure client needs and feedback were addressed consistently throughout the entire design and development process.

Prior to commencing, Zimple undertook a thorough review of the existing website’s Google Analytics data to ensure we firmly understood where Palaris was at digital. This afforded us the ability to make considered and data-backed decisions when streamlining the user experience, and website architecture to align more with the consolidated brand communication approach already underway.

In addition, after website content was finalised we worked with the client to optimise the site for search engines, ensuring that upon go-live the site was set up to succeed.


As Palaris wished to keep the use of imagery to a minimum, our focus was on leveraging the distinctive brand assets in a digitally considered way. To do this, we focused on integrating subtle website animations into the site via lazy loading and timed entry of page assets, to make more of less.

When leveraging imagery, we stuck to the brief and made the Palaris team the heroes of the site. With a global footprint, tendering is a necessary part of doing business. To make this easier, both for Palaris and the recipients of these tenders, hidden CV pages were created for team members that can be hyperlinked swiftly for integration into this process.

In addition, a back-end CMS that worked for a busy client like Palaris was just as integral as a great looking front-end website. The end result was a custom content management system that strips out the unnecessary parts of the site, and makes updating key content simple and efficient.

The end result is a website that both Palaris and Zimple are proud to have produced. 

Increase in Sessions
Increase in Users
Increase in Average Session Duration

Since the launch of the new Palaris website, there have been some great successes. Outwardly, Palaris has also seen a positive shift in their brand’s perception within the marketplace.

Final Design
Service Areas
Our Difference
Track Record
International Credentials
Our Clients
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Senior Leadership
Expertise & Track Record
Home Page
About Us
Our People
Hidden CV
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Blake Bennett


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