Oct 02 2019

Case Studies


Sutto’s approached Zimple Digital for assistance in becoming an industry-leading information portal for motorcycles, powersports and power equipment enthusiasts through a strong digital presence. Our brief was to create a primary website with consideration to generate in-store enquiries and sales through a strong digital marketing strategy, that would follow suit.  

Sutto’s are a family-owned business, focused on building strong relationships and customised experiences for all of their clients. They consistently deliver on experience, customer service and quality vehicles, so their online presence needed to reflect this. Zimple were given flexibility in the creative design on the project with the only guiding factors being simplicity of use, functionality and highlighting the key assets of the business: motorcycles, powersports and power equipment sales and service. 


The key objective for the project was to aid in fostering the motorcycle and powersport community by building long-term relationships and delivering bespoke customised service. We wanted to launch Sutto’s into a strong digital presence to generate business growth, overall the client’s key performance indicators were: 

  • To become the destination provider for KTM and Polaris for the greater Sydney region, Newcastle and beyond 
  • To be a leading information portal for motorcycle and powersport enthusiasts 
  • To create a strong digital presence that will generate enquiries and ultimately sales.
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Prior to the beginning of the project, Zimple and Sutto’s worked together to complete an in-depth project brief. This outlined key competitors, target audiences and industry standards that could be seen across a digital landscape. Zimple conducted competitor analysis to understand what would generate results from a customer perspective and this, coupled with the individual business knowledge that Sutto’s could bring to the table, meant the project was set up for success. 

Zimple and Sutto’s undertook a project kick-off meeting that outlined business objectives, technical features, sitemap requirements and a design look and feel to get the project underway. The complete project was scheduled and key points in the process finalised with meetings following design, development and content completion. 


The solution here was to create an industry-leading but simple and functional website that would entice potential customers to enquire through Sutto’s. What we were able to achieve was a cutting-edge, sophisticated and clean site that represents how passionate and professional the Sutto’s brand is. 

During the design process we experimented with modern design and considered User Experience (UX), whilst also utilising graphical angles of the already established Sutto’s branding materials. We created a visually enticing site that hero's the products, first and foremost, and allows the user to navigate anywhere on site within three clicks via the mega menu. Bold fonts, minimal drops of Sutto’s khaki brand colours and great visuals ensured this design stuck with the desired brand personality: passionate, professional, adventurous and outdoors. 

Throughout the development phase of this project we were able to implement subtle enhancements to further engage users. Animations are utilised site wide, mega and mini menus guide in-navigation and various load and hover effects capture attention onsite. We built the functionality to display similar products based on what product the user is currently viewing via filtering based on brand and product types, and also developed multiple forms on site that allows for heightened UX and completely customised functionality. 

Zimple were brought on to edit the copy for the website and utilise best practice from an SEO standpoint with keywords from the get go. Along with this was the structure of CTAs to encourage users to enquire now about product sales, servicing and spare parts – all pushing to generate business growth, which was a key pillar of success for this project! 

Throughout developing the solution, a considered digital marketing strategy to catapult Sutto’s into industry leaders in a digital landscape was always at the forefront of our decision making.

score for all KPI's in our post-project survey
users to the site during initial launch month
increase in on-site conversions

Overall the www.suttos.com.au website provides our client with a strong digital landscape to launch their presence online and stamp their authority on the market as an industry leader in this space. It showcases the high quality, customised and superior service that you will receive when visiting their showroom and workshop, perfectly aligning with their already established brick and mortar store. The client was aware from the start that this was a big investment, however their risk has definitely paid off.

“The Zimple team were great from start to finish. We needed a company that could give us a complete package and this is exactly what they did. Our new website was something that we wanted to do to become the digital market leader and take on our competition in a new way. Zimple embraced our approach and feel, and were able to translate this into an amazing website that communicates our essence to our customers. We have incredibly high standards and they managed to meet them.”

Robyn Van Ysseldyk Director

Final Design
Key Product CTA's
Business Highlights
Featured Content Articles
Newsletter Subscribe
Mega Menu (hover)
Filter by Brand
Filter by Product
MREC Promotional Banner
Hamburger Mini Menu
Multiple Brand/Style Filters
Product Details Listings
Sale/Runout Tags
Secondary UX CTA's
Hero Image Gallery
Tech Specs & Full Gallery
Similar Products
Secondary CTA's
Featured Brands Slider
Bespoke Enquiry Form
Spare Parts CTA
Product Listings
Individual Product Details
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