Getting your message out to your prospective customers and clients in the online spaces they frequent.

Social advertising

Social advertising refers to the ads occurring on your social media accounts. This can be in your feed, to the left of your feed, your stories or in your Facebook messenger. You’ve probably noticed that these ads correlate with the products and services you’ve been searching for via typed or voice search, or the websites you’ve perused. Although this certainly lends itself to a creep factor, it’s also hard to ignore that, for the most part, it’s enormously helpful for guiding us to what we’re looking for. Or, more accurately, reminding us of what we’re looking for and presenting a solution. If you aren’t putting your message out there for people searching for what you offer, you are missing a huge opportunity. We use social media’s intuitive capabilities to formulate ads based on the interests, searches and online activity of social media followers and present them with the solution (your product or service) to their problem, want or need. 

Display advertising

Display advertising is advertising that appears in the banners and border columns of the websites, social media platforms and apps that you use. Their purpose is to display an advertisement that matches your online activity, and deliver the message, product or service that you’re looking for. Subsequently, this is also the aim of your display advertising to your desired demographic of customer or client. Research reveals that visitors to your website who are retargeted with your display ads are 70% more likely to convert in some way (via contact or purchase). And, through the means by which display advertising reaches the correct people, there is a lot of information that can help you better understand your customer base. By understanding the pages your prospects visit and engage with, you are able to appreciate their interests and, so, how and what they want to be retargeted with, and when. 

Remarketing and retargeting

Although they serve essentially the same purpose, there is a difference between remarketing and retargeting. Remarketing is marketing to those who have engaged directly with your business, usually through email of social media sign-ins, and so opt in for more information on what you have to offer via email. However, they can also be reached, thanks to the information they have provided, via display and social media marketing.

Retargeting is online advertising that essentially follows a user using display and social marketing advertising based on their overall online behaviour via cookie-based technology (you’ll often see pop-ups on websites asking for your permission to use them). Javascript code is used to track how, when and where a user is navigating online, so your ad can meet them on websites the frequent to deliver your service or product solution to them. 

Search advertising

Search advertising appears on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) after a search query has been registered. So, those first few results with ‘ad’ written beside them are the result of search advertising efforts. These are chosen based on Google’s auction system and how applicable your business is to each search term.


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