From planning through to final delivery we offer premium video content matched with your strategic goals.

Video production for digital is so much more than a point and shoot process. As one of the most proven effective ways to reach your audience and keep them engaged in both your content and your product or service, it’s not something you can just wing and hope for the best.

In an age where low quality viral videos make us think our phones will do the job, it’s easy to miss the value of true production. For sure, that kind viral footage has its space online, and even in digital marketing. But, for the long term success of capturing an audience and keeping them as loyal customers who want to engage with you, you can’t go past the strategy and professional knowledge that gets injected into a high quality video. 

We work with you to create something truly special, and truly YOU, for your audience.

Our process is strategic, our aim is innovative creation, and our outcomes are high quality video production that shows its true benefit in the long term success you have with a highly engaged customer base. 

Our Process.

Brief and Planning:

Our first step in the process of creating your perfect video is the brief. 

We will sit with you and discuss options for your vision, the outcome you would like to achieve, the aesthetic you want to see and the messaging of your video. 

We will then use this information to create a proposal, present pricing and plan dates for your shoot and edit.

Creative Planning (Pre-Production 1):

After we develop an in-depth understanding of your project we get to work on the first of the “fun stuff”. That is, the creative process of building the video direction. 

Here, we create a handful of ideas and treatments (a rough overview of the video from start to finish and how it could look and feel to present to you for review. 

We take our original ideas and discussions and mould them into something that will. 

From here we start storyboarding your agreed project. 

This step involves creating a full visual plan for your project including:

  • Shots

  • Timings

  • Angles

  • Lenses

  • Sound information

  • Locations and more. 

This step creates a strong platform for creating the best possible product. 

Shoot Planning (Pre-Production 2):

Here we take all of the creative ideas we have so far and put them into real world action! 

Elements like location scouting, equipment planning and preparation, rehearsals, talent organisation, location booking, visual effects guides, set design, makeup and shot lists are nutted out ready for go time.  

Anything we could possibly require for a successful shoot happens right here, making it one of the most important steps in the entire process. 


Shoot day, where the magic happens! 

This is the most important step in the process. Creating a video that perfectly speaks to your current and prospective customers is where all the careful planning comes into play. 

An array of decisions and techniques come into play on shoot days. From lens focal length to optimal sound capture technique through to sufficient lighting, using the right angles, making sure we have enough takes, plus so much more… 

During this step we direct talent on set, make sure anyone on screen is comfortable and confident and ensure the set, location, people and timelines run according to plan to produce the best, most professional final result. 


Editing! With the footage from our shoot, we piece together your story in a way that’s interesting and eye-catching while also following the original storyboards and briefs.

We create a draft edit for you to look at and review for any final changes before we move forward.

Once the edit is agreed upon we begin the process of polishing the final product with any graphics and titles, sound mixing and treatments, visual effects and final colour correction and  grades.

Delivery and Distribution:

Once the final edit is complete we can deliver your final video in either 4K (UHD) or 1080p(HD) in the correct format and sizing for your particular requirements. 

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