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Digital marketing 2020

Digital Marketing
BLOGS-2023 The-best-inbound-marketing-strategies iStock-1340302765

The pace of technology and the way we access information online means that what was effective in 2019 might not be in 2020.

Let’s look at some of the stalwart online marketing tools and activities that you should consider in 2020.

Search marketing

In 2019: Since search engines have been around, the need to be present when prospects are searching for your services and products continues to be of high importance for business. In 2019 we saw mobile search increase in usage again, while voice search took an even bigger growth leap as we continued our need for immediate answers to direct questions with an increase in question-based searches. 

2020 Tip: Put all this into consideration, understand which devices and methods your potential client is using to find you and optimise your search presence accordingly.

Google Analytics 

In 2019: Another tool that has been around for 15 years yet saw a vast improvement over last 12 months, helping us understand our user’s online journey. How did they find us? What pages did they visit before they buy/don’t buy? 

2020 Tip: Look deeper into the data so we can find out key insights to help our business grow. Eg., how do I get repeat purchases? How do I get more sign ups? How do I get more cross selling or up-selling?

Marketing 101

In 2019: Remember when SEO used to be about keywords and content that influenced the search engine? Those days are long gone; we need to go back to the basics of marketing and create quality, engaging content instead. These factors have more impact on Google (whose job it is to serve up quality content for web users). 

2020 Tip: Using the insights gained from your analytics, create content that your clients or potential clients want to read. Provide answers to questions and build an engaging online presence.

Email marketing...What? In 2020?

In 2019: One of the oldest forms of online marketing held a strong position for its effectiveness and lifespan as a message. Email survived against the odds and saw some great results over the last 12 months. But the pace and ability to have customers compelled to click is always going to be a work in progress. 

2020 Tip: Continue with the progress. Yes open and click through rates have been decreasing. However used as part of a well executed marketing plan or a lead nurture campaign can still produce some very strong results if you use the information you received through your EDM results last year and ensure that your customer profiles and behaviour are refreshed and the content and pace of your emails, and adjust accordingly. Don’t let your EDM game get stale, the platform certainly has no plans to do so.