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Social media marketing to ignite connection with your audience, directly and accurately.

When you grab your mobile there’s almost always an app your finger defaults to, whether while waiting for your coffee, laying on your couch, first thing in the morning, or when you get any moment of pause. 

Very often, these apps are social media platforms. With that, it is a non-negotiable area of marketing for brands wanting or needing to reach a digital audience in a meaningful way. (if it’s not a meaningful connection, you’re not going to see the same, or any, results). 

There are two distinct ways to reach your audience on social media platforms: Social Media Marketing and Organic Social Media.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media is one of your most readily available tools to communicate with that digital audience, connect with your future customers, retain loyalty with your current clientele and affirm who your brand is. Social media gives you incredibly unique access to multiple valuable connection points and unparalleled opportunities to humanise your brand. 

Social media allows you to message your values, care for your customers, your culture and who your brand is, as much as what it is or does with  instant mutual communication between audience and brands. 

While many of us use social media personally, creating a strong and successful social media marketing strategy for a brand is a whole different ball game; it’s not about just posting a few images, captions and the occasional reel. Zimple Digital’s social media marketing approach takes a holistic strategy and is crafted, with the goals of the client clearly articulated and understood, before a caption sees the socials (blue) light of day.

This strategy considers:


Creating real connections with your digital audience comes through authentically sharing valuable content. Zimple works with you to find the type of content that makes your followers, and future followers, feel like the time they’ve spent viewing your content was respected and valued by your brand. This will always be the case if they feel they have connected with it personally. 


Connecting and engaging with your followers in a valuable way supports the opportunity to create a community around your brand, digitally. This can be one you craft, inviting them to brand-specific pages or memberships, but it can also be one that organically grows for your followers as they engage with each other about your brand. 


Your prospective audience is looking for quality peace of mind before investing in your product or service. Yes, you can share your own content on social media to help with this. But, nothing speaks louder than existing customers sharing their experience on social media (for you to share as user generated content); social media leads the digital platform pack on this.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM) is fairly new to the marketing game, but has become a leading platform for reaching audiences (customer/clients) in a genuine, effective and uniquely personal way. It is the mix of organic social media and paid social advertising that tie intrinsically into a larger digital marketing strategy. There are a lot of crazes, fads and trends when it comes to SMM - from the platforms being used, to the types of content being posted. 

Our social media marketing services do take these elements into consideration, however we rely on a custom paid strategy that speaks to your audience, specifically, in ways that represent your brand, business and your goals. 

It’s never about jumping on the next big thing simply for its sake. SMM is one part, albeit a vital part, of a larger digital marketing strategy. Every post serves a purpose that folds into this strategy. 

We work with you on your goals and expectations when it comes to your social media accounts, delineate the platforms that will work best for you for those goals, and then use testing and creativity to create a meaningful presence on social platforms. From Facebook and Instagram, to TikTok, LinkedIn and any other social platform that will find your intended audience within it. 

The goals are never stagnant; we collaborate, create, track, regroup, repeat. 

SMM is all about providing value to your followers. You want them to stop their scroll when they reach your post, be enthusiastic about engaging with your paid and organic content, and feel that their time is valuable and respected with what you post, how you post it and how you respond to communications within it. 

We can assist you on various levels of SMM, from creative guidance right through to implementation and scheduling of posts.

Our social media marketing services.

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Social media marketing strategy is a lot different to the personal way we use our social media accounts, yet the content is creatively designed to appear seamlessly within your personal feed. We take a personal approach to our social media marketing, first understanding you as the brand, then understanding your audience (and goal audiences) and then speaking with that audience in a way that reaches them beyond the sale. It’s data led and strategy-driven, but always people-first.

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We offer social media management to take the burden off your shoulders (you have a business to run!) and ensure that social media activity is seamlessly integrated into the overarching digital marketing strategy, organic and paid. Social media advertising Social media advertising is leaning into the behaviours of organic social media use to merge and create engaging and valuable paid content. For as long as advertising has been a used term, it has been tightly correlated with hard sell behaviour, flashy banners with huge discount sounds, or, essentially, services and products thrown in our face to disrupt what we’re enjoying: TV shows, movies, our social media feeds… However, good advertising thinks of the user first, thinks of what will bring them true value that they actually want, and delivers it to them. There are few platforms more well equipped to find the right people for your message than social media, if it is done in a considered, strategic and highly creative way. 

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We can create for you, or work with you to create your social media content, elevating how you message to your audience. From organising, directing and curating still and video content (including the creative for Instagram Reels), to crafting engaging captions and strategic distribution across all social media platforms, Zimple has a process that allows you to be equally involved and assured that we are across every post. At the onset of our work with you, we spend quality time gathering your expectations, goals and capabilities, then create a strategy for the posts, and for the process, that keeps the creation and roll out of social media content smooth.

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Frequently Asked Social Media Marketing questions.

Start your digital journey today

What are the benefits of a good social media marketing strategy?

‘Good’ is the operative word here. Anyone with an email can create a social media account and post. It’s free, easy and can be done in a flash. But, with these platforms hosting over 4 billion accounts, it’s quite a noisy space. Having a good social media marketing strategy is to have one that considers your audience, then considers your goals, and then creates a strategic pathway to merge the two needs. 

The benefits of such an SSM strategy includes:

  • Creating greater brand awareness for current and potential followers

  • Strengthening trust for your product or service

  • Opening opportunities for collaborative and influencer strategies

  • Being a strong point of proof for your business

  • Opportunities to promote the creation of user generated content, and repurpose it

What is social media management?

Social media management is the process of a professional taking over the implementation of social media posts, tracking its progress through data collection and analysis, and assisting with responsiveness to your audience where required. We take the data and use it to grow out our strategy for your brand, making adjustments where necessary, engage in a thorough approval process and aim to always delight your audience and represent the true voice of your brand.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to reach and grow your audience, solidify your brand and brand message, offer your products and services to a potentially untapped market, and facilitate communication and connection with users.

Do I need paid and organic social media marketing?

While you don’t need paid social media marketing to ensure organic social media marketing is successful, you can’t have paid without organic, and the marriage of the two is your strongest strategy choice. 

We are very careful with how we venture into paid SMM, just as we are organic. However, we’re more acutely aware of how we manage paid as it is injecting an investment into an otherwise free platform. 

The focus of paid is to use in-platform targeting to ensure you’re reaching the right people, and retargeting that supports reaching people who have engaged with your brand via other digital platforms, such as your website.

What's the difference between ads and posts?

Depending on the platform, and the type of ad you’re opting into, your ad can present like an organic post. That is, a post on the follow or search feed of Instagram, or in a Facebook feed, or TikTok post. However, they can present in other ways such as on Facebook Marketplace. They can be presented as videos, carousels, singular posts and can even allow for testing of best images and captions based on engagement through dynamic creative ads (where Facebook delivers multiple variations of message and imagery combinations to test which works best with users). 

Posts are delivered to your followers, and anyone whose behaviour on the platform indicates posts like yours are suitable, and the algorithm will include you in spaces like Instagram’s search feed.

Will Facebook ads help grow my business?

Absolutely. Much like any paid avenue of digital marketing, though, it needs to have a strategic approach (even if you are in the testing phase). Putting up Facebook ads will not magically grow your business, but with clear goal setting, a strong message and a good understanding of who you want your ads to be in front of, it can be an incredibly effective tool for generating new business, and expanding brand awareness and recall for future customers. The best part about Facebook ads is its ability to provide targeting; though broad, you can hone your ads to regions, industries and interests etc. This means your budget is going to be cleverly used, and the results of the ads will provide you with even greater insight.

How often should I post on social media?

There are plenty of recommendations, from reliable sources, on how many times you should post to various social media platforms. These suggestions are valid and based on data, and are great starting points if you’re newly active on these platforms. However, the best way to decide how many times you should post on social media is to look at any prior data you might have, and test, test, test. Get to know your audience and their behaviours and engagement habits. Being present to how your posts are performing is your best direction on how many posts you should be doing.

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