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The last few years have seen a surge in importance placed on content for websites. There’s been a common catchphrase ‘Content is king!’ and to an extent, this is true. However, what constitutes ‘king’ worthy content continually changes as both search engines (read: Google) and users evolve their savviness for spotting crappy content.

By crappy, we mean content that doesn’t consider the time taken out of the lives of users as incredibly valuable, and something that should be respected. Google cares about this because your user is also theirs, and it’s in their best interest to only serve up the best and most valuable information. With that, good copywriting is the ruler of the digital content kingdom (along with other content, such as video and even audio). Zimple takes a strategy and a personalised approach to copywriting. We have a thorough process of finding your unique brand tone, and use it to converse with your audience in a way that makes them feel included, valued and the highest priority of your business. Copywriting is used across multiple platforms of communication, and sets the tone for the entire digital marketing and website strategy. Our experience allows us the advantage of intuitively understanding user preferences and delivering it to them, ensuring they trust your business and feel like a loyal member of your customer base.

Copywriting for Google ads, social media and EDMs

As part of the nurturing core of copywriting, consistent and compelling messaging is required across all brand touch points. When a user is not on your website, you are reaching them in the other spaces they are engaged: search engines, social media platforms and in their emails. Copywriting for Google ads will ensure you are responding directly to a user’s search term and intent, grabbing their attention in the exact place they are looking to find it. There is no annoying hard sell, just being in the right place, at the right time, with the right message. Copywriting for social media is designed to keep your tone of voice consistent and conversational, acknowledging the environments people are in when they’re consuming your content. They don’t want the big sell, they want to be delivered entertaining, valuable and informative posts that reinforce the heart and soul of your brand. Copywriting for EDMs is about the long term nurture of a relationship between people and brands. Emails are one of the strongest forms of digital marketing communication you can have, and offer an opportunity to really connect and speak with your customer base. Keep them engaged, keep them feeling valued and keep them wanting to hear from you and you will have a customer for life.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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What does a copywriter do for a website?

In short, elevate it. In conjunction with a great UX design and high quality development,  copywriting is one of the strongest tools you can lean into for a website. It appeases Google’s requisites for high ranking websites and, more importantly, creates a valuable experience for the user. Utilising an experienced copywriter who understands user experience (UX) and the nuances that make the difference between bland copy and compelling copy creates a positive cycle; valuable copy captures Google’s attention because valuable copy is the most beneficial to the user. Also, what constitutes valuable copy changes from website to website and also user expectations scaling over time. Copywriters are on top of what’s required, when it’s required and how it’s required.   Copywriters offer well crafted content that keeps users highly engaged and wanting to explore, buy from, revisit and share your brand.

Should I hire a copywriter for my website?

We highly recommend the use of a copywriter when creating a new website, or wanting to elevate a current one to improve digital marketing activity. We do also offer the option for you to create your own website copy (though in these instances, we do suggest our internal copywriter oversees the content before you put it out there for the masses). The benefits of hiring a copywriter include, but are not limited to: The time you save having to craft copy from scratch on your own. The expertise behind professional copywriters, that help them know how to speak to an audience, how to work with tone, how to arrange content to create the best user experience, and how to nurture a longstanding, loyal relationship with users. Content that harnesses conversation and leads to conversions. Content that is written with a current and thorough understanding of search engine requirements.

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