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If you have a service or product that you have developed, you know it’s not sustainable to sell only one item or do one project. You need to nurture your business, support your customers and keep maintaining your business every day. Your website is no different. Zimple offers intuitive, innovative, UX design and development to ensure your website is a standout in your market today, and ongoing. 

Website maintenance with Zimple ensures your site is up-to-date and running successfully over time, with website audits on links, optimising content to align with SEO best practices and offering additions and new functionality that fits your specific UX journey. 

If you are looking to improve your website as digital evolves and moves forward infinitely, we are here to support the growth of your site, and your business. 

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Website support is invaluable to help you remove any overwhelm about digital. Zimple website support is available for three months after design, development and approval is completed to assist with questions, issues and maintenance if or as they come up. 

In terms of what is involved, it depends entirely on the assistance you need. Sometimes a technical glitch is beyond our control, but we work tirelessly to find the problem and find a timely solution. 

When your website hits ‘go live’ day, you can be confident that it has been quality controlled internally after an already intensive and robust approval process with you. However, that doesn’t make any website out of the woods for unforeseen issues, and we are here to help you in every way possible after the project is complete.

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Our three month support plan is perfect if you expect to be happy with your new website design for at least the next few years, or feel confident in your own ability to manage any issues or create new pages where required. However, a lot of our clients hope to continually grow their digital presence, or do not have the internal manpower to make adjustments ongoing. Here, we offer ongoing ad-hoc support packages and contract support packages that are billable for the time you use it, without obligation to reinstate the package after each agreed period.

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