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Social advertising refers to the ads occurring on your social media accounts. This can be in your feed, to the left of your feed, your stories or in your Facebook messenger. You’ve probably noticed that these ads correlate with the products and services you’ve been searching for via typed or voice search, or the websites you’ve perused. Although this certainly lends itself to a creep factor, it’s also hard to ignore that, for the most part, it’s enormously helpful for guiding us to what we’re looking for. Or, more accurately, reminding us of what we’re looking for and presenting a solution. If you aren’t putting your message out there for people searching for what you offer, you are missing a huge opportunity. We use social media’s intuitive capabilities to formulate ads based on the interests, searches and online activity of social media followers and present them with the solution.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s place in the social media space has varied over the years. Once a leader in digital connection, it has hurdled through changing user mindsets, digital behaviours and expectations on what they want from platforms, and what they don’t (from content to privacy). However, it retains a really powerful position in the ad front thanks to its (albeit ever evolving) demographic targeting function, and consumer functions such as Marketplace. Facebook Advertising can be a successful, and even vital, part of and effective digital marketing paid strategy. We’re strategy and ROI driven with Facebook advertising Facebook advertising is a way to reach a more specific audience digitally, on a platform that still has over 1.6 billion users on average every day. We determine your Facebook paid activity as part of a holistic strategy that includes other digital marketing efforts, rather than just throw your budget at it and hope for the best. Every choice of ad, ad spend and targeting is centred around achieving a positive ROI, whether that be through direct conversions or to elevate awareness for a long-game approach.

Facebook ad benefits

Opting into Facebook advertising is never just for its sake. There are tangible and highly worthwhile benefits to paid activity on this platform: 

  • Highly customisable ads and audiences (even after the iOS 14 updates) 
  • Budget-friendly ad spend Almost immediately measurable results It can greatly assist with growing your organic audience 
  • Can provide faster results than other paid advertising efforts 
  • Highly adjustable as goals pivot

Facebook frictionless lead capture

Facebook lead capture ads are a uniquely valuable function. In previous versions of social media lead ad campaigns, the form would be multiple clicks away, clunky, not capturing enough of the right information or become too much of a process for users to bother continuing. Now, a greater volume of qualified leads are more easily attainable thanks to Meta technology that creates instant, pre-populated forms. All the user has to do is hit submit, mitigating the amount of valuable time you’re asking of your audience to spend on sharing their details. 

Frequently Asked Paid Social Advertising Questions.

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When will I see results from my Facebook campaigns?

For all campaigns, including Facebook, we work with you to figure out the specific goal/s you’re after and create an effective, creative and thoughtful strategy to achieve that goal. With that, there is no set timeframe for results on your Facebook campaign, as each goal will have a different path paved to get there. In saying that, we aren’t afraid to take educated risks, tries and tests to find the right campaign route for you.

Why should I hire a digital agency for Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are not at their most effective when you set-and-forget. It’s about knowing your audience, targeting them, analysing the data around their behaviours, and crafting strategies to work with them down their buyer’s path. Pushing a sales message to a broad audience and left to sit with every other bad, low to non-performing ad that facebook users have become immune to responding to. If you value your own time, and simply don’t have spare time to dedicate to the effort required to make your facebook ads genuinely worth it, a digital agency is there to support you through success campaigns. Additionally, we are invested in ensuring they’re compelling, creative and will have your desired audience converting.

Which businesses are Facebook ads best for?

Any business can benefit from Facebook ads, in no small part due to the ability to target the right demographics (even in the wake of their privacy adjustments) and the behavioural data that can be used to help understand behaviours, intent and needs of your audience. It is also a fairly user-friendly method of creating ads (though if you were to properly strategise a path to purchase, and use Facebook ads as one part of a larger strategy, there’s no limit to the intricateness of your campaign). However, the most important thing to ask is, ‘Is my audience present on this platform?’. Just like any other form of advertising, Facebook ads have a place, with the right audience. If the marketing research for your business shows that they are present on Facebook, it’s absolutely a platform to use in your strategy. If they are not, it’s time to look at other platforms that are a better fit. At Zimple, we do the upfront work with you to decide if your business should go all-in with Facebook ads, to slowly test to see who connects with your ads, or to put the platform on ice until it becomes a worthwhile addition.

Should I choose Facebook ads or google ads?

There is no one right answer when deciding between Facebook ads and Google Ads. When you're creating your holistic digital marketing strategy, or an agency is crafting one for you, the question is more ‘Does this support my digital marketing outcome goals?’.  It’s rarely about how one single ad type will outperform another, and instead how an ad type will work effectively within your strategy, budget and goals.

Do you also offer organic social media marketing services?

Absolutely. Organic Social Media is often an integral part of digital marketing strategies and to ensure you’re connecting with your audience (who are, can or will be your customer/client base). At Zimple, we have a highly strategic and creative team to help you master your social media marketing activity, supporting you through strategy, content creation, copywriting and integrating your social media with your wider marketing activity and goals.

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