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SEO, what does that term mean to you? It's very likely you've heard of it, but do you know what it can do for your business in a tangible, bottom line capacity? Search Engine Optimisation is no longer about stuffing keywords into your website and thinking it will be a quick road to page one on a Google search. Google is a finely-tuned (search) engine that is incredibly clever and intuitive (reading your website like a human would... and can tell when it's being duped). It relies on legitimate website content efforts and well matched search intent between your website and your customer. 

Zimple Digital offers a data-driven SEO approach with strategy and roadmaps in place that look at a sustainable, true and rich SEO outcome. This means ensuring your website is truly valuable to your audience, and their subsequent interest in it will continue to improve your SERP position. Spiking in position due to quick tricks is fine for a day, but it doesn’t address the core issues with your website that are hindering your ability to rank better, instead it strips you of the opportunity to fix them (easily, through expert assistance) and so offer your audience the superior experience you want to give them. 

As a Newcastle SEO agency we provide expertise not only locally with our local SEO service, but nationally and globally. This means we work with businesses in a range of industries, adhering to the principles of YMYL, KBT, MEDIC and E-E-A-T. We know how to ensure your website is in front of the right eyes at the right time, by creating content that addresses both user intent and exists on  the first page of the SERP for applicable search terms. This creates quality traffic that then turns to real life customers. We know that your customers aren't just conversions, they're real-life people, living and working in our local area with a genuine interest in your product or service. We're here to play match-maker, really. 

At our digital marketing agency, we use SEO strategy and in-depth analysis to peel back the scary layers of Google’s algorithm, using SEO marketing to walk your customers from search to website, contact to conversion and then in your hands to create loyal customers thrilled with their entire experience.

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions.

Start your journey today!

How much does SEO cost?

This can be answered much like ‘how long is a piece of string’ can be answered. SEO typically isn’t a fixed rate service, and is typically adjusted based on the scope of a campaign, and how long it runs for. 

In saying that, the answer is also ‘it costs what your budget allows’. The good news about SEO is that it can be done for as little or as much you like, and can be incredibly affecting at any price point if it’s done right. Typically SEO is an ongoing service, however, and the cost is rarely a one-off amount. When it comes to budgeting an SEO agency in, it is better to include it in your monthly/bi-monthly marketing expenditure. 

When we use our digital marketing services to improve and grow your SEO position, our strategy is never a one-size-fits-all. Some business owners come to us with absolutely no active SEO work in place, while others come with a history of successful outcomes with their efforts, and are looking to elevate their results or switch up the strategy. We work closely with each client to identify their specific goals, understand the budget and craft the very best strategy from that. This doesn’t mean our quality of work scales with budget, but rather the costs associated with SEO activity on Google’s end will decide how we work with the budget. 

Of course, SEO services do not follow one linear path; its conglomerate activity across paid strategies and organic content in a multitude of ways. This can be, but is not limited to, tweaks or full rewrites of your website content, purpose-built additional content, consistent monitoring of results and adjustments where needed, or even an entirely new website (the functionality and responsiveness of your website comes into play for SERP). 

If you have a need to boost your SEO results, don’t let budget hinder you getting professional assistance with it. In fact, having a professional SEO service will be the difference between losing money on undercooked activity, to improving your business’s traction and seeing a greater ROI. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is the process of optimising your website to drive organic traffic (unpaid traffic) to it from the search engine results page (SERP). 

As a local SEO company, Zimple Digital is at the forefront of SEO strategy.

What does SEO actually do for my business?

SEO is short for search engine optimisation, and the process of this as a service is to optimise your website so that it better ranks on Google searches applicable to your business. 

It is not merely about one particular area of your website, it's optimising all the facets of your site so that it better aligns with Google's ever-changing algorithm for ranking priority. The technique is adapted to have your website essentially 'talk' to Google about what you're delivering, and Google decides (using a process called 'crawling') how well this matches up with a user's search query. The closer you are to answering the questions and needs of your customers, the higher up you can potentially go. 

If your content, imagery and design are all created with the sole intent to fulfil the needs of the user, then you're well on your way to having a well-ranking website. This means; don't cramp your site with keywords and duplicate copy, ensure your image sizes are appropriate to page speed requirements, and that you have a clean, user-centric website that gives your customers and positive experience. 

We consider our best SEO company service for our clients is to prioritise the infinite volume of potential customers in the digital space that you have at their (literal) fingertips. 

This can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Content creation using the latest Google algorithm guidelines as the core of a website content strategy
  • Source quality backlinks for your website to improve its legitimacy in the 'eyes' of Google
  • Utilise testimonials to create content using the most legitimate voice of all: your past and current customers
  • Keyword research using the most trusted and accurate online sources
  • Review Google Analytics in a thorough and highly considered manner 
  • Ensure your website pages aren't 'thin' with content and create new content to bolster it up without being overwhelming or 'fluffy'. 

SEO improves your business's digital presence in a way that no other service can, if conducted by the right people who are highly skilled to do so. Attempting SEO in a way that does not include considered strategy can be detrimental to your intended outcome. Done right, our Newcastle SEO services ensures your website is going to be the first website your quality future clients will click on, above your competitors, when they want your product or service.

SEO: What is the difference between paid and organic?

SEO influences where you fall on a search engine results page (SERP), and this is very important to ensuring you are seen by the customers who will genuinely be looking for your business or service. 

However, you may or may not have noticed that not all ratings are created equally. There are two kinds of SEO: paid (sometimes referred to as SEM or search engine marketing) and organic. While they're aiming to achieve the same thing, they work in very different ways. 

Organic SEO refers to the longer, deeper process of ensuring your website is aligned with the 'crawling' (see above) algorithm expectations Google seeks. It takes time, energy and great understanding of how all the cogs in a website are contributing the your ranking, and it takes time for Google to recognise it as eligible for a page one ranking. 

Paid SEO, on the other hand, is a much quicker process (although requires just as much strategy, just delivered differently). You can potentially see your paid result within a 24 hour period. These are the SERP listings that generally appear at the very top, with the small 'ad' icon beside it. Users are getting much more savvy about the fact ads are a paid way of reaching the top of the list and it isn't always going to be the information they're looking for, and so they will scroll (there is plenty of evidence to show that organic still wins for clicks). However, if your paid search is done cleverly and with strategy for reaching actual customers is top of mind, it can be a great way of bridging the waiting gap for your organic SEO work to show its results. The trick is to ensure that the search terms you're paying to result under are applicable to your product, service and service region. Knowing what your customers are searching for and their intent, is all part of the SEO Newcastle and Hunter service we provide.  

SEO Content: How do I do it well? How do I know if I've done it wrong?

SEO content is everything that makes up the information-giving part of your website. 

The words, the imagery and the videos (if applicable) are all part of the tapestry of content, and Google is reading/watching it all. Words, however, make up a large percentage of what you need to show Google you are a legitimate source of answers for users. Once upon a time, SEO content was a bunch of keywords stuffed onto a page, even if the content as a whole either made no sense or gave no real value to users. It was all about shoving them in and not considering the eventual importance of a user-centric experience. Today, keywords certainly still matter, but they shouldn't be the focus of your content. And they're not the only thing to consider. 

Keywords - How to use them right 

If you are aiming to reach your genuine, legitimate audience, the keywords will occur organically while you think of them and the questions they want answered. Where they can be useful, however, is knowing what actual terms are resonating with your intended client base. Google, as mentioned, is very intuitive and can differentiate intent. For example, writing 'home' or 'house' will make little to no difference as far as Google is concerned. However, 'abode' is probably used a lot less (despite being a prettier word) and you're better off going simple. Skilled content professionals are able to extract the terms your future customers are seeking and seamlessly integrate them into content via website copy and blog posts in a way that delivers on the needs of your audience while also aligning with the most common search terms in your industry. There are ways to know if your content is or isn't working. Via analytics and heat map technology, we are able to see the movements of users on your website. This includes:

  • How long they remained on a page
  • Where or if they navigated to afterward
  • How far they scrolled down a page
  • If they returned to a page
  • If the page resulted in a conversion (enquiry form filled-out, a phone call, a purchase etc.). 

If you aren't using keywords in a way that thinks of the user first, you will find that people are 'bouncing' away from your website quickly and moving on to a competitor, aren't navigating to other areas of your website and aren't continuing to engage with your business. Used right, however, and you will see a big difference in the activity on your website and some real, tangible bottom-line positive outcomes. 

How to create good content

It's simple, if you think of the user first and foremost. Use the expertise of experts in content to filter out exactly what your intended audience wants, and use this as your compass for how all content is created. Nothing should exist on your website that isn't customer-centric. From your About page to your enquiry form, and from your blog posts to your product/service descriptions, everything that is written on your website should align with the tone, intentions and responses that your ideal, intended audience is wanting to read. If you don't know what that is, our digital marketing company will carry out our content SEO Newcastle and Hunter work with you to find out who currently engages with your site, who you want to engage with your site, how to better pivot to that intended user and how to get them across the line in a way that makes them feel like they've had a positive purchase experience. 

The avenues of content also matter when creating good content. Added bonuses such as downloadables and quizzes also count to good SEO content and give your audience some amazing added value that will put your business top of mind. Learn more about why on-page SEO is important. 

How do you do SEO for a website?

This is a little bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ kind of question, but we’ll do our best to answer! 

Essentially, anything that you’re doing to create a positive, intuitive, engaging experience on your website, that makes users want to stay there and reach out to you for your product or service, is benefiting SEO. 

When we implement SEO services, we are taking a holistic approach; we find the gaps in your current website activity, pages and functionality. We then decipher a custom path of optimising activity to fill these gaps, fix issues and create content for SEO that significantly improves the viability of your website in search results. 

How valuable is SEO to your business?

It really depends on what your goals are; but in terms of your business’s digital presence and what digital can do for your business, SEO is vital. All Digital Marketing hinges on the viability of your website, for multiple reasons, and one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your website is through SEO. If your website is able to hold an audience, and keep them engaged, driving them to your website will have the opportunity to bring in sales or enquiries, having a direct positive impact on your business’s bottom line.

What is key in forming a well rounded SEO strategy?

A well rounded SEO strategy can be different for every business, however in a broad sense, there are key factors to forming a holistic, effective SEO strategy. This includes:

  • A strong website or landing page to engage your audience and answer their questions.

  • A clear understanding of what your website has, and what it is lacking, to best perform with an SEO strategy. 

  • Keyword and search term research, partnered with knowledge of what that means. 

  • An openness to creating content that will best serve SEO. 

  • An ability to measure, optimise and adjust an SEO strategy. 

What does On-Page SEO involve?

On-page SEO includes every measure you take to improve the position of your website on SERPs, through content. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Answering common search queries through content; either through blogs, project pages, landing pages or general onsite content.

  • Optimising the content you have onsite to reach a greater word count, though without fluff wording. 

  • We audit your website through reliable data, and make adjustments or suggest adjustments to all content including words, video and imagery. 

  • We conduct back-end improvements to your content, including meta descriptions and title tags. 

What does Off-Page SEO mean?

Off-page SEO (or offsite SEO) are the measures taken to recommend or vouch for, in a sense, your website (and so, your business). This sort of activity can include being linked on blogs and other websites, in meaningful ways. Now, this last part is very important. By meaningful, we mean websites that are themselves viable and reputable (which will come down to how they manage their own on-page SEO) and how you are mentioned. For example, having your business name hyperlinked on a website is good, however if they have linked you via a sentence that includes keywords and phrases important to you business, this is significantly more beneficial. 

There are a number of ways to include off-page SEO into your Digital Marketing strategy, it’s just a matter of deciphering the best routes for your business and your site. The other side of offsite SEO, is that if any of the factors are detrimental (such as the linking site being low calibre), you can actually hinder your SEO efforts altogether. 

Why hire a top Newcastle SEO Company?

Newcastle is full to the brim with different businesses trying to capture an audience and win sales. A great looking web design can help customers make a decision, but if they don't know who you are, how will they find you in the first place?

SEO is not easy, and the reality is that SEO for Newcastle companies is even tougher than in most cities. There's simply a huge number of businesses to compete against. If you aren't managing your website's search engine optimisation right, you might as well hand the customers to your competition.

You might be wondering why you can't just take the DIY approach to SEO, or do it in-house. It must be cheaper and faster than hiring a SEO agency, right? Wrong. The reality is SEO has many moving parts. It's constantly shifting and changing, and every campaign is unique. Working with an SEO company that lives and breathes it is the only way to get the revenue-shifting results in the long term. That's why it's critical to work with not only any Newcastle SEO company, but the best SEO company the city has to offer -that's us.

When you hire the right Newcastle SEO company, you can be confident your SEO strategy is tailored for your unique business and audience. Our experts will find the right keywords for your audience, create content that speaks to Newcastle customers, and bring it all together in a digital marketing strategy that sings.

Here's another thing a top Newcastle SEO company will do for you: we will steer away from any black hat methods used by other Newcastle City internet marketing services. As a Certified Google Partner, our SEO experts in Newcastle rely only on trustworthy performance-driven online marketing tactics that drive your conversion rates. Because we know from experience that this is the best way to increase your search rankings, boost organic traffic and get long term, top quality results.

What are the benefits of a Newcastle SEO Agency?

Great search engine optimization (SEO) services will give your brand a huge advantage online. A top-rated SEO company can improve your brand awareness, drive more organic traffic, help you generate more leads, convert more customers, and fuel your bottom line.

A 5-star rated Newcastle internet marketing agency like Zimple Digital has SEO experts with years of combined knowledge and experience working with past Newcastle clients across all different industries and areas. Whether its small businesses in Merewether or bigger enterprises in Tomago, our SEO specialists have the know-how to craft the best SEO strategy for your unique business goals.

Exactly how can a Newcastle SEO agency give your company the edge?

Dominate your niche

Because we've been doing SEO long enough, we're able to use our in-depth insights and knowledge to ensure we position you as an authority for search engines and put your Newcastle brand in the spotlight.

Improve conversions

A good SEO company will help you not only improve viability but also build credibility, enticing those visitors to your site to actually take action and convert - whether that's purchasing products, downloading a brochure or signing up for a free trial.

Our SEO Team

Learn more about our SEO specialists. 

team new-team GlennCooper


Head of Strategy
team new-team GlennCooper

Glenn Cooper

Head of Strategy

Glenn is an absolute digital marketing Master of the Craft. He is uncompromising on ensuring a ‘why’ exists in every onboarded strategy, and is dedicated to delivering on promises, without exception. He has also become somewhat of a life oracle for the team, with a consistent track record in sage advice and incredible understanding of human behaviour. While he has a wealth of experience in the field, both as a business owner and an SEO/SEM expert, it is his real-time knowledge of the digital landscape that makes him a favourite both at Zimple and to every client we work with. (‘We’d like Glenn in the meeting’ is a request we hear a lot!).

Our SEO Testimonials

CASE-STUDIES-2023 Hunter-Plastic-Surgery---Case-Study hunter-plastic-surgery-1 CASE-STUDIES-2023 Suttos---Case-Study my20-gtr-230-phonebox-4818-100919100703 CASE-STUDIES-2023 All-Lift---Case-Study all-lift-132

We chose to engage Zimple because they were local and award winning and they have certainly delivered. After deciding to refresh our website last year we worked together to deliver a new site that is beautiful and functional. Importantly it positioned us well for Covid as we had an online store in place before we had to shut down. And astonishingly, we have just had our biggest ever month in terms of traffic, despite the uncertain times.

Amber Moncrieff

These guys offered us a digital solution for our business all in one package. I couldn't be happier with the design they gave us, the functionality of our site, or the service we received along the way!

Robyn Van Ysseldyk

I have been working with Zimple for many years now and they have just built a second website for us. Through testing times with COVID-19 they still came thorugh with a amazing end result, it's only still very fresh but we have seen a slight incline in enquiries. Special shout out to Lani she owned the project from start to finish - well done also to the whole ZIMPLE team, thank you.

Dean Kretchmer
Client-Logos hunter-plastic-surgery-zimple-digital

We chose to engage Zimple because they were local and award winning and they have certainly delivered. After deciding to refresh our website last year we worked together to deliver a new site that is beautiful and functional. Importantly it positioned us well for Covid as we had an online store in place before we had to shut down. And astonishingly, we have just had our biggest ever month in terms of traffic, despite the uncertain times.

Client-Logos suttos-zimple-digital

These guys offered us a digital solution for our business all in one package. I couldn't be happier with the design they gave us, the functionality of our site, or the service we received along the way!

Client-Logos alllift-zimple-digital

I have been working with Zimple for many years now and they have just built a second website for us. Through testing times with COVID-19 they still came thorugh with a amazing end result, it's only still very fresh but we have seen a slight incline in enquiries. Special shout out to Lani she owned the project from start to finish - well done also to the whole ZIMPLE team, thank you.

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