May 21 2019

Digital Marketing

Ever wanted to know how your customers interact with your website? Take away the guesswork and utilise a product like Crazy Eggs, HotJar or Optimizely that use heatmap technology to track user behaviour on your site. Heatmaps can be used to show where users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page and their general activity on the site.

The benefits gained from heatmap tracking include:

  1. Getting an overview of how visitors interact with your website (what common areas they click on, where they scroll). From here you can discover what areas of your website you need to enhance, change, or remove to get better results. 

  2. Understand the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your sites navigation.

  3. Learn where customers are entering the site/page and where they are leaving.

  4. Understanding which CTA (call to actions) have more effect on conversion.

  5. Provide additional insight on top of your analytics on web page engagement, user experience and conversion optimisation.

At Zimple Digital we can set these tools up and help you to better understand user experience and guide you to make improvements on your site to improve conversion.

One of the best ways to use a heatmap tool is if you are considering a website redesign or redevelopment. Consider setting a heatmap tracker 3 months prior to the project kickoff. This will give you learnings to help with the navigation, user experience and conversion optimisation decisions you need to make with your new website.

Heat maps help join the dots between what your data provides and the opinions you might have of your websites performance.

If you are interested in understanding the performance of your website or would like to have a conversation with our consultants, contact us via our form or phone number.

Written By

Glenn Cooper