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How to create the ultimate landing page experience

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NEW-IMAGES Blogs how-to-do-a-landing-page-banner

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone website page, created specifically for an individual marketing campaign. So goes the name, your landing page is where your audience lands after they click on your ad. They are designed with a single focus (your call to action, or CTA) which allows the best option for increasing conversion rates. Google also considers your landing page experience when it gives you your quality score. This score intends to give you an overall understanding of the quality of the ads you are running. 

You can potentially improve your landing page experience by some of the below pointers.

Relevant, Useful and Original Content


It is important to ensure that the landing page attached to your advert is directly relevant to the text contained in your ad and the targeted keyword/s. You should make sure your landing page is clear and useful to customers and what they were searching for. 

An easy way to do this is to make sure you are being specific about your product or service, while also giving the user other options. For example; someone may click on a brand advert, like Holden, and want a variety of Holden options. Ie., Astra, Commodore and Trailblazer. But, if a customer wants to compare prices and types of brands because they want a car around $20,0000 then you need to edit the landing page to provide cars that are around $20,000 of different brands. This helps to narrow the search and potentially make that conversion.

Another tip is to make it quick and easy for someone to order the product mentioned in your ad. This could be a shortcut to add to cart on a category landing page.


You should try to include simple and useful information on your landing page about whatever you are advertising about your product or service. This could be the colours, prices or bundle packages. A sales pitch video can also be useful, they then have the choice to watch it if they require more information.

If you organise and design your landing pages well your customers will not have to hunt around trying to find the information on the landing page they require. Therefore, are less likely to ‘bounce’ off the page.

Try to minimise pop-ups you put in front of the user. These can be annoying and hinder the navigation of your site. If a pop-up blocks information that a user is trying to locate your landing page experience will definitely suffer.

Whether they are searching on a desktop or mobile device, users will want your landing pages to load quickly.


You can create the ultimate landing page experience by ensuring your page contains content that is unique to your particular site. This could be special offers or useful features which your competitors do not offer. Showing realistic social proof is always an addition which can be in the form of testimonials or Social reviews. If a competitor does not offer free shipping or say $10 off first orders with a mail sign up these are unique features which would improve a user’s landing page experience.

Users value transparency when it comes to advertising. You should aim to openly share information about your business and include what exactly your business does.

A/B testing your landing page and dynamic creative socials ads is also a great way to help with your original messaging.