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How to create a winning email marketing campaign

Digital Marketing + Content and copywriting
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Email marketing campaigns are a vital part of your digital marketing strategy. However, with click-through and open rates dropping year on year, it’s important to start focusing on what you need to do to help improve your email marketing game. 

What's the subject?

The subject line is one of the most important aspects of your email; it’s a key feature that can make or break your campaign. Your email subject line should grab the attention of the recipient and make them want to read it. It should be succinct and concise, it essentially works in the same way a headline works in an article.

The next most important section is the pre-header text (the summary that follows the subject line). Provide a short compelling teaser about the content in the email (try to keep this at between 40-50 characters).

Stay mobile

There is enough evidence and statistics out there to indicate that mobile has taken over internet usage ahead of desktops. This is the same for email usage. Here are some points that will help you with your email campaign:

  1. Make sure your emails are formatted to fit mobile devices

  2. Don’t place oversized or out of place imagery

  3. Don’t provide too much text with not enough spaces or breaks

  4. If using layouts that have multiple columns make sure they are mobile responsive

  5. Use buttons instead of links. They are much easier to click on

  6. Consider ‘buy now’ buttons if you have an ecommerce site/campaign.

Be on a first-name basis

Personalise your emails using the [firstname] tag. Statistics show that this simple action will increase your open rate.

Don’t have a generic or impersonal ‘from’ name. Consider who your audience wants to be hearing from. This will help improve results as well.

Not another email…

Ok, let’s deal with the fact your email is being sent with what quite often is a wave of other emails through the day that your user is receiving. You essentially have one shot to get your message through to your recipient, so make sure the information you provide is useful, unique and respectful. Sure there are sales aspects to consider, features and benefits and maybe the odd sense of urgency that can be added, however don’t expect strong results with each campaign if a sales message is all you are focusing on.

Always consider your audience and what they want, then create campaigns that appeal directly to them. Give your email readers information that is helpful; condition them to expect emails to be of value and to provide interest.


Still not convinced that email marketing should be part of your marketing mix? Then consider this: when you create an email list, it is yours, you own it. Whereas, other digital mediums like social media decide who gets to see your message and social posts, and they have a considerably shorter lifespan. Emails can stay in your user’s email inbox for months before being deleted.

Also, email marketing is permission based. That means the people who sign up are actually interested in hearing from you. It is extremely cost effective and, if done correctly, will provide one of the stronger ROIs than any other digital marketing practice.

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