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How do I get Google reviews for my business?

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BLOGS-2023 Why-SEO-elements-are-vital-when-redesigning-your-website iStock-880300046

One of the most prominent online business review systems is Google My Business reviews. Noticeable because they appear directly in your business listings so when people are searching for your business, they can see them straight away. The other vital factors about Google My Business reviews is that they have an impact on your local SEO listings and are one of the most powerful ways to promote trust and confidence in your business. This article from Search engine journal indicates that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

So what are some ways you as a business can get more reviews?

  1. Aim to be continually getting reviews and to have at least ten reviews on your Google My Business listing . It would be best if you also were aiming for a rating between 4 and 5 stars.
  2. Go to your Google My Business listing.
    • Click on the link to 'write a review'.
    • Copy and paste the URL you see in your address bar (browser window). This is your link which you can pass on to your clients/customers.
    • You can also create a shorter link for this using a tool like bitly.
  3. Ask for a review.
    • Send your customers a personalised email with the link after they have bought a product or carried out a service with you to leave a review. You can also include an option to click on a link to a form on your website and if they are not happy with the product/service they can offer some feedback so you can address it with them

      Advanced Tip:  Sometimes people find it difficult to get started on a review and often leave it for the too hard basket. Here is a tip to help motivate them to write a review.

      Add tips on what to put in the review at the end of the email request increased reviews being written.

      eg. You could tag this onto the end of the existing email request.

      Not sure what to write?

      The best reviews offer specific details and helpful tips - here are a few questions that might help.

      - Which product or service did you purchase?

      - How satisfied are you with the finished product?

      - How did we do?

      - Was there someone on our team who really impressed you?

      - Are there any tips you would offer?

      - Would you recommend us to your friends?

  4. Ask a regular client who is happy with your work to do one for you over the phone - then send them a link with options of where they want to review you eg. - Google, Facebook, Product Review,Trustpilot etc.

Don't let bad reviews scare you

There will always be negative reviews as the reality is that you can't please everyone. As consumers we are a suspicious group, when we only see 5 star reviews we can sometimes question the legitimacy of the reviews. 

If you do your best to provide really great service, good reviews will outweigh your bad ones and your business's review pages will be a useful tool for potential clients to use.

For every bad review you get, remember to reply to them positively with full intent to help them. Keeping your cool is important as other people (and potential future customers) will read your response as well. 

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