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How to get your digital marketing ready for post-COVID-19

Digital Marketing
NEW-IMAGES Blogs post-covid-digital-marketing-banner

While we’re all working out how to navigate through what many are calling the ‘new normal’, quickly pivoting to align with evolving digital behaviour, we’re also at the precipice of preparing for a post-COVID direction when it comes to our digital marketing efforts. If you are unsure on how to ensure your business is ready for the returning to (at least a somewhat) normal life - and so, consumer behaviour - here are a few tips to help set you up for a successful transition out of isolation.

Be prepared to pivot...again.

We’ve heard, and used, the term ‘pivot’ a lot during this time. What does it mean? Basically that you need to be prepared to turn on the spot where necessary to ensure you are not left behind in capturing customer attention online. Old habits don’t hold up when we are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Many businesses have successfully done this to align with COVID-19-induced isolation: shifting the product or service to be remote-friendly, listening to consumer needs and adjusting services and products to suit them, and basically doing whatever it takes to stay afloat. 

As the government introduces the phases out of isolation and physical distancing, we cannot expect to simply return to life and behaviours we had before this all began. Instead, we must be prepared to again adjust quickly to align with a culmination of pre-isolation behaviour, coronavirus legacy, new expectations and reconfigured needs-requirements. We can’t ever know for sure how this will completely look before it happens, but we can prepare ourselves to lean into flexibility and be open to possibilities. 

Don’t forget the customer knowledge and connection you have collected through COVID

The data you collect through COVID-19 is invaluable beyond its time. Yes, the behaviours and needs are different right now to before, and after, but its worth is not isolated to isolation. You have built a new connection and pool of knowledge with and to your customer base, and it will be remembered. If you are finding you are getting a great engagement with your digital marketing efforts because you are supplying helpful and supportive content, take on board that your customers are craving that content. So, continue. If you are finding that your response time to queries is a big factor in sales, make it a priority going forward. This has been, and will be for a while longer, a fantastic opportunity to fully read your crowd and continue with what works, and adjusting what doesn’t. 

Set yourself for a slow burn return

The post-COVID-19 changes will not be evident overnight. It will be a slow burn back to ‘normal’ behaviours and life, and it’s going to be a balancing act for businesses to not lag, nor jump the gun, on supporting your customers through your sales process (or funnel). 

Test your messaging in small increments (weekly, fortnightly) to see where your customer base headspace is, and work along with them migrating to new behaviours, reverting to old ones and you finding the sweet spot that doesn’t lose them. 

Don’t disregard your pre-COVID digital marketing plan and budget

One of the biggest mistakes businesses made at the start of the pandemic crisis was the panic-cancellation of their digital marketing efforts. Despite the (accurately) predicted move of more people spending more time on digital platforms, there was a knee-jerk reaction to drop the ball in this area. We get it, there are financial factors that come into play and digital marketing can feel like a luxury extra when you’re trying to make wages, rent and utilities in uncertain times. 

However, what has proved to be the case, is the digital effort put into connecting with consumers online has and will be the reason for continued revenue. Yes, you might be paying for an agency to do your digital marketing activity, or paying for your PPC and ads, but it is a relatively small investment for the return. At a time where we’re forced to physically distance - and there will be legacy behaviour to this after it stops being regulated - the importance of digital marketing (read: connection) has never been more powerful and necessary. 

Looking for a post-COVID strategy? We can help. Call us today to discuss getting you through with successful results.