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A Moving Picture Can Tell an Amazing Story

Business + Digital Marketing
NEW-IMAGES Blogs iStock-504566555

What’s the best (video) ad you’ve ever seen? 

Was it one of the classic Australian ads? Or was it an amazing cinematic Super Bowl commercial? Was it a super funny independent small business ad on YouTube? 

Why do you remember it? 


You remember it because for whatever reason, it made an emotional connection with you. Whether it be the comedic genius, the heart-warming story or simply the creativeness, something about it resonated and etched itself into your memory. 

There are numerous studies that find that over 90% of our decision making behaviour (including purchasing behaviour) is driven by emotion. A subconscious decision centred around the things that make us “feel” a certain way. 

This is incredibly important when considering marketing and advertising activities as touching on these emotional drivers can have a huge impact on the success of your campaign. 

Moving Pictures

Video content works best for this, as the visceral, visual medium can draw a viewer in quickly, tell it’s story clearly and allow the viewer to see themselves within the characters. Drawing on those emotional connections and drivers to create engagement and action. 

And within an informative setting, video can create trust, deliver messages with the correct tone and allow a clear opportunity for evergreen content. 

In years gone by, video content for most businesses would have been out of the question due to being incredibly expensive and only being able to be distributed to a single medium (TV). But now video content can be shot, edited and distributed within fast timeframes and for a fraction of the cost. 

New Media

Businesses can now utilise the power of video through organic or paid channels for a price that is largely outweighed by the value that video advertising can bring. 

Video can allow a business to tell it’s story, introduce it’s staff to the world, build an online following interested in their products and information or create amazing campaigns centred around products and services. The application is near endless and the value/$ is far beyond standard written or graphic content.

The Time is Now

Video has been outperforming static content for a few years now, so if your business isn’t thinking about creating video campaigns and posts, you are quite possibly missing out on valuable engagement and actions from your potential customers. 

Get started with a solid plan. Think about what type of content or campaign you would like to produce and get in touch with a video production company or agency with the internal capability (Like us!) and start forming a brief. Think about how the content will educate, inform your audience or promote your business. How it can position you in front of the right audience, which platforms to distribute through and how you will measure the success of your video content. 

Video content is not only a great way to reach your customers but it’s also a fun journey for all involved. 

Watching your business come to life through video is a special thing, and one that every business can now experience. 

If you would like to speak to one of our video content experts or digital marketing specialists with regards to how video can help you grow your business online, contact us today.