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Wanted: Unicorn. Apply Within.

Business + Digital Marketing
NEW-IMAGES Blogs Unicorn-banner-new

We’ve all seen the ads on Seek… 


Incredibly talented, multi disciplinary marketer/content creator/SEO specialist with strong experience (also some general admin duties required). 

Required to post every day, run and update our website and complete our overall marketing strategy.

2 days per week, casual role. 

The “unicorn” marketer who is adept at strategy, adobe suite, photography, video, social media, SEO, SEM and general admin… doesn't exist. 

At least as a person. 

But as an entity built of highly qualified and talented people, it does. 

That’s an agency. 

Digital Marketing is not only important but now an absolute necessity when it comes to owning and running a successful business. 

If you own or manage a business then you already know how much time can be taken up by planning, creating, scheduling and distributing digital ads, social media posts and website updates/SEO. 

With the constant juggle of sales, operations and back end business responsibility, digital marketing quite often becomes a secondary thought. Even when your business has a Marketing Manager they may not be able to keep up with all that’s required. (Or have the specific skill set required for some of these tasks). 

That’s where an agency can help. 

An agency can form an overarching strategy based on your business and marketing goals; personas based on your required potential clients, content creation in line with your business brand and distribution through various platforms, all while you concentrate on managing your business. 

There are several parts to an agency that form a team of people dedicated to increasing your business performance across all digital platforms and advertising channels. 

We start with strategy.

Everything from who your digital clients are to when to post, what to post and why to post belongs here, we tie in your business planning objectives into an overarching digital strategy to carefully position your brand in your desired market and ensure results. 

After we develop a solid digital strategy we then evolve it into the creative.

Where the fun lives! Here we create everything from brand assets to custom photography and video. We tie these into your existing brand and tone guidelines and make sure everything online matches your brand and business offline. 

We then use these assets for social media, display ads, video ads and your website. 

Once we have created and collected assets, we are now into our distribution and execution phase. 

Within these ads and posts we are specifically targeting the audiences we have been creating and refining through the strategy process. This ensures that your content is reaching the right people and increases the likelihood of those people taking action with your brand.  

This is where you will start to notice and see results based on the strategy and creative the Agency has provided. 

Once we are running and testing you will have an Account Manager to manage your account, the relationship between you and the agency and also project manage your plan through the team. 

This makes the process of execution streamlined and makes sure you have one contact that you can communicate with for changes in strategy, promotions, timing and reporting. 

Speaking of reporting…

Reporting is important in all aspects of a business and it’s digital performance should be no different. 

We report at intervals that enable us to have solid information about your business online performance, your audience and what we can do to continually improve your results. 

As you can see, there are many moving parts to an agency with many different specialist skill sets that are working together as a team to ensure your brand success online. 

If you have a business and are looking to make more of a move into the digital world (and you should!) - It’s definitely worthwhile thinking about an agency rather than continue to look for that “unicorn” employee that can do it all.