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6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

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BLOGS-2023 6-Digital-Marketing-Trends-for-2023 mailchimp-lsda8qpwn-a-unsplash

6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

As we forge forward into 2023, the ways in which we engage with our target audiences continues to change. It's important as marketers and business owners that we stay on top of the biggest trends and not let our businesses fall behind. So, let’s dive into our top predictions for digital marketing in 2023.

Rise of zero-party and first-party data

Privacy concerns continued to grow in 2022, beginning in 2021 with Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, privacy has continued to be a serious concern for both businesses and consumers alike. We have again seen just how important privacy is to consumers, with big data leaks from Optus and Medibank highlighting flaws in the way data is stored.

We have known third party cookies were on the way out since 2020 when Google announced the initial phaseout. In 2023, universal analytics soon to be discontinued and the rise of GA4, jumping onto the zero-party and first-party data bandwagon is vital.

Zero-party data is data that is voluntarily offered up from a consumer and can be collected in various ways. One way to collect this data is through forms, directly from the consumer themselves. This type of data will prove more and more important as time goes on and will aid in determining digital marketing strategies and campaigns for the future.

First-party data is still about your specific audience, and is collected via your website using pixels/tags. This type of data will lead the way in retargeting existing users but also help inform on strategies for targeting new users. Ensuring your business is collecting both zero-party and first-party data will be vital for future advertising, lead nurturing and determining the various stages in a buyer's journey funnel.

Content continues to be king

As time goes on more and more business owners begin to understand the importance of having high quality and engaging content. Not only does content play a massive role in the SEO landscape, it’s also vital to user experience and the way a user engages with a website. Creating content that encompasses your business's tone of voice will also become more critical, as users continue to identify with brands and choose brands based on their own values.

Short form video content

According to LearnHub, video content is 1200% more successful in generating engagement than text and images combined. Simply put: this is massive. It’s not news that video content is so important, we have known for a long time how videos have outperformed other types of content. In a world where video is everywhere it’s imperative that businesses who are still on the bench about it to begin allocating budget towards video.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a particularly successful strategy for Ecommerce stores, but can be utilised by all businesses. A good email marketing strategy seeks to reach and engage your audience with personalisation, increasing sales and the way in which consumers perceive your brand. EDMs are a fantastic way to re-engage with your database, reminding users of your existence and the value you can bring to their lives.


Another trend that isn’t news but continues to grow in popularity is website chatbots. In a world where people want things straight away, being able to message a business in real time while browsing is becoming more commonplace. Consumers love it because they can get answers to their questions without waiting, and businesses can get sales sooner. Many businesses are opting for AI chatbots, this method is obviously the most efficient for budgeting. But it’s important to not forget about user experience, if you’re choosing to use an AI chatbot you need to ensure it doesn’t actually cause a disservice to your business by frustrating users.


If a consumer can identify their own values within your brand and you are able to personalise your marketing approach, then you’ll begin to build a loyal customer base. Having a loyal customer base means repeat purchases and engagement with your brand. But it also acts as its own acquisition channel, having a happy and satisfied database of repeat customers opens up the opportunity for a whole market of new prospective customers, all via existing database referrals. 

Photo by Ali Pli on Unsplash

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