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Conquering Google Search in 2024: A Simple Guide for Business Owners & Marketing Managers

Digital Marketing + SEO

Ever feel lost in the jungle of online marketing? You're not alone! This guide is your machete, helping small business owners like yourself navigate the latest Google Search trends in 2024. Whether you're the boss hustling to get noticed online or the marketing whiz crafting your strategy, understanding these trends is key to attracting more customers.

Picture Google Search as a giant marketplace. You want people to see you're an awesome business, right? Here's how:

Videos Rule (Especially Short-Form!)

These days, people watch more videos on their phones than anything else. It's time to create some short, engaging videos showcasing your business! Think product demos, customer testimonials, or even funny behind-the-scenes snippets. A high-quality video showcasing a bakery's fresh baking process or a customer raving about your delicious pies could be the perfect way to grab attention on mobile searches.

Eye-Catching Photos Matter

Your website is like your shop window – it needs to grab attention! Use high-quality pictures that showcase your products, services, and team in the best light. Make people want to step inside (or click further) with visually appealing content.

Answer Customer Questions: Become a Helpful Expert

Imagine a little question box popping up next to your store. That's the "People Also Ask" feature on Google Search! Use it to see what questions people have about your industry or the products you sell. Then, create content on your website that answers those questions directly. This establishes you as a helpful expert and builds trust with potential customers.

For instance, a bakery owner might see questions like "best cupcakes for kids' birthdays" or "easy cake decorating tips" in the "People Also Ask" section. Creating blog posts or videos addressing these questions directly can position the bakery as a valuable resource for customers. 

Local Businesses Shine with Google Spotlight

“Where can I find a bakery?” Google prioritises local businesses in searches exactly like this. Claim your free Google My Business profile and keep it updated with your address, hours, and high-quality photos. This will make your business shine bright in local searches, especially for mobile users searching in nearby locations. 

Accurate Info is Key: Build a Consistent Online Presence

Google uses information from all over the web to build a "Knowledge Panel" about your business. Think of it like a little online info card. Make sure all your online info (website, social media) is accurate and consistent. This ensures customers get the right details about your business, no matter where they find you online.

Listen to the Buzz: Stay Informed

News articles might be less common, but online chats and forums are booming! Join relevant online communities like local business forums and community groups. Listen to what people are saying about your business, trends in the industry, and what they're looking for. This can give you great ideas for content and help you connect with potential customers who might be actively searching for your products or services online.

Don't put all your Eggs in One Basket: Diversify your Content

Google Search is changing. Don't just focus on ranking high in text searches. Include a variety of content formats on your website. If we use the bakery again as an example (we promise this is the last time!), think of videos showcasing the baking process, including informative blog posts with cake-decorating tips and high-quality photos that make your pastries look enticing and mouthwatering!

The Takeaway: Stand Out from the Crowd

  • Create a variety of content: Videos, images, and informative text all work!

  • Make your website mobile-friendly: Most people search on phones now.

  • Get noticed locally: Boost your local search presence with a Google My Business profile.

  • Stay in the know: Keep an eye on online discussions in your industry.

  • Bonus Tip: Search engine trends are constantly evolving. Stay updated by using Google Trends or subscribing to marketing blogs to ensure your reach stays strong online.

By following these tips, you can ensure your business cuts through the online noise and thrives in 2024!