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How to do an effective case study

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For a long time now we have understood the role good quality content plays on your website...

From improving your search engine ranking, to engaging and educating your prospects and customers, there are major advantages to strategic content.

One major attribute content provides is credibility, and one of the most effective formats I have found for delivering this to your audience are case studies. Case studies can be used to discuss a specific client’s experience, have an industry focus or demonstrate a specific service or product that has achieved a certain result or objective. All these options are quite effective.

The key is making them demonstrate your expertise and how you can solve common challenges (think of the reader). Case studies are also very effective for more technical, complicated businesses, where it can be difficult to demonstrate the features of a product or service. Case studies can do more than simply discussing what businesses do; they allow you to tell the story of how you assist your customers through the usage of your products or services. 

How to get started on putting together a case study:

  1. Write up a list of groups you want to focus on. These may be:

    • Common client challenges that you are able to assist with 

    • Industries or types of clients you are wanting to do more work with

    • Services or products you want to encourage more business for (typically your strengths/most profitable/room for growth etc).

  1. Identify your specific client/s…

… that matches the groups you want to focus on, or whether you will create a generic one

  1. Write the case study. Typically it’s helpful to answer the following:

    • What particular challenge did they have that we could help with?

    • What specifically did we do to solve this?

    • What was the end result? (This is even stronger if you can include a testimonial).

Once you have answered these, your case study is essentially written. It’s up to you if you want the tone to be directive or have a longer format; but, whatever choice you make, don’t lose the colour and story. Remember, your customers and clients want to know what it’s really like to work with you and, yes, this includes the results of your service. But, it also includes the experience they have when they deal with you and your business. Let your previous work be the reason you get future work. 

View our case studies.

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