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8 Digital Marketing Stats (we hope!) you actually find valuable

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8 Digital Marketing Stats (we hope!) you actually find valuable

In digital marketing we deal with a lot of data and statistics. Although they don’t guide the entirety of our digital marketing strategies, they do go a long way to help initial formation and support of our activity. So, why is it valuable to know statistics if you’re not a digital marketer? There are probably a few different ways to answer this, but our answer is that it can greatly assist validating, correcting or adjusting your own activity – whether doing it on your own, or through an agency or professional. It indicates trends, trend forecasts and also an insight into what a lot of your competitors are likely engaging in. By seeing the numbers, you can decide if you’re being left behind on certain digital marketing activities, or if you’re happy to hang back on trends and wait to see how the market responds. We scoped the most recent statistics we could find that we think will be valuable to help your digital marketing along.

8 Valuable Digital Marketing Stats

1. 50% of Google search queries have four words or less

This means, when someone is typing in a question or search term, they’re keeping it brief. Why is this important to know? While your content doesn’t need to perfectly match the search term in order to rank (Google is adept at understanding non-semantic intention), the brevity of the search means keywords are likely being used. This can make long-tail research less confusing in identifying these keywords, also highlighting new ones, and allow you to inject them, where appropriate, in your content. 


2. “Near me” search queries are rising 130% year on year

From 2019 to 2022, search terms that end in “near me” (the rise likely due to the search prompt results, though they exist due to the term’s organic rise) is rising by leaps and bounds, and so draws in device data to produce localised business listings. With that, it’s showing that more than ever creating and updating your Google My Business listing is vital. Any work you can do to increase its value should also be a priority; reviews, photos, current information, link to website etc. 


3. Updating your existing website content (including images) can increase visitors to your site by over 111%

This is great news for anyone who finds creating new content overwhelming. This statistic proves there’s ways to enhance your SEO success and engage your readers without starting from scratch. Updating blogs, inner page content and imagery can appease Google’s ‘crawl’ enough to bring up your SERP position. And, as a huge bonus, your audience will also find it a valuable way to spend their time, and be closer to being a loyal, delighted customer. 


4. More than half of all marketing is digital.

55% of marketing is done on a digital platform of some description. The spend on digital ads last year was over $400 billion, compared to offline advertising which had a $196 billion spend. These numbers are only going to rise and fall respectively year on year. This matters because it demonstrates what your competitors are investing in. If you’re not, you’re likely being left behind, and leaving behind valuable potential customers while you’re at it. You could also be losing current customers to businesses who are meeting them in more convenient spaces, like every digital device they own.


5. Display ads have a 59% success rate

Display ads are highly effective, and the data is showing it. By success, we mean conversions (so, taking a desired or intended action from the ad). This statistic is not referring to immediate click through, either. It’s the likelihood of them converting after conducting a search, after seeing a display ad. This is not only an incentive to invest in display ads, but it also shows that direct data (click throughs on the ad) don’t tell the whole story. Trust the process. 


6. Speaking of ads… 70%-80% of people ignore paid digital ads…

This might seem like a counterintuitive statistic to the above one… and also to our own plight, but hear us out. Given some thought, it’s not at all surprising that a significant amount of people are deterred by ads, there are so many bad ones! Marketing gets more and more personalised, nuanced and clever with every passing day and the old sales-heavy trope just irritates people, even if you have a great deal to offer them. While discounts and sales messaging certainly has its place, it should never be the entire strategy. Engaging, compelling, clever and considered messaging is what helps the 20% get over the line. 


7. 95% of companies use automated email marketing

That means that if you’re not in their inbox, someone else is. A supporting behaviour is that, on average, there’s an 82% open rate on welcome emails. Automated emails mean you can co-control the communication too (including behaviour-based activity; they get the subsequent emails in your automation stream only after they open the previous one).  Electronic direct mail (EDMs) is where people can open, save and store information on their own time. They have actively opted into an email subscription, so you know they’re part of your target market, and have this incredible opportunity to speak directly to them. Offering highly valuable content within your EDM is vital, and a killer subject line will hook them in to view it. 


8. 71% of people who get a valuable experience on social media from a brand are likely to recommend it

No amount of digital or traditional marketing will ever trump the incredible value and conversion success of word of mouth. Having someone tell you that they have first hand trust in a brand is, in itself, invaluable. So, if you can nurture word of mouth through your social media community management, offers and content, you’re making the absolute most of the platform. 


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