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Why blogging is so important for your brand

Digital Marketing + SEO + Content and copywriting
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Why blogging is so important for your brand

You only have a few seconds to make a great first impression on your blog, so here goes… 

As marketers, we get asked a lot, ‘Why do I need to blog?’. Our answer is simple: You get the opportunity to provide your customers with preemptive answers to their questions, around the clock, and you get rewarded by Google for it.

The internet can be a noisy place. A lot of words, opinions, how-tos, vlogs, images and blogs. Essentially, an infinite field of content. Attempting to cut through that noise with a blog might seem overwhelming, but it is not only possible, it’s often the only way to cut through the content clutter to reach your customers. 

If strategised properly, blogs allow your business to speak about the relevant topics in your industry that customers want to know, and provide a solid source of trust. This trust is a major part of a greater strategy to nurture your customers through a buying path that includes multiple digital (and off line) touch points. Essentially, blogs are your opportunity to be front and centre solution answerers, information providers and added value givers, that will live top of mind with customers when they are ready to buy in. 

Further, it’s what Google is looking for when it comes to search engine result page indexing.

The odds of having a consumer land on your website are much higher, you attract more eyes, you generate better leads. leads. This is not a new strategy, but content is only growing more relevant every day. 

Blogging is exactly how to increase these odds without spending thousands of dollars per month on it and also rewards your customers.

If you’re still not sold, here are our 5 main reasons your business needs a blog:

Blogs build credibility and trust with your audience

Showcasing industry knowledge through blogs on your website allows your company to speak on relevant topics and answer customers queries immediately. This shows authenticity whilst building credibility. This credibility can be for your current clients, repeat customers, prospective clients and also for search engines. Writing posts about topics they will find interesting and helpful shows them that you are more than just a business selling a service or product; you care about spreading useful information in your industry to in turn help them.

Keeps your audience engaged

Promoting your service or product is not always easy, especially in a highly competitive business environment. That's when blogs come in handy. They help keep the audience interested, and also promote your company. The most critical part in achieving this, however, is retaining high quality content. Think about promoting relevant content in interesting ways like videos, podcasts, interviews, answers to high volume questions and written content. Google is an intelligent reader of information and is getting more and more savvy to fluffed out irrelevant blogs, and more honed to genuinely valuable information. There are a number of factors to this, and it can be a misstep to get too bogged down with it. However, if you are writing/presenting to the needs of your audience in a meaningful way, you are on the right track.

Increases organic search

Did you know that between 70-80% of users ignore paid advertisements, choosing to only click on organic search results? So each time you write a new blog post, you create a new URL for your site and every new URL is a new opportunity for your website to be ranked in a search. While blogs can take time to rank (and will take time), if you carefully craft keywords and topics, you can earn higher rankings on search engines. If you can’t use an agency or keyword research tools, a quick way to find content for blogs is to pay attention and identify repetitive questions you get from customers/clients within your business.

Attract new prospects and clients

The fresher the content, the more frequent the indexing. Search engines value and prefer updated and relevant content and so do your customers. Incorporating the most relevant topics will help you build a relationship with your readers and provide new content for search engines to index. Just make sure it’s quality content as this also helps retain current clients, returning users and attracts new clients. 

Promote these blogs on other marketing channels

Leveraging a blog is a perfect way to maintain and spread the word about your services and create long-lasting bonds. Share your blogs on social media to reach a wider audience and build a community around your posts. The more you update your social channels with your blog content, and push users to those pages, the more frequently a search engine will visit and favour your website over competitors.

With the help of SEO strategies like keywords, titles and meta descriptions, blog posts become a powerful tool for gaining visibility for your brand

Here is an example of a client that utilises blogs in their full marketing plan. This client had a 20% increase in on-site conversions, Sutto’s Powersports Website, Design, Development and Copywriting

The importance of blogging for a business cannot be underestimated. Whatever your needs are, a blog post is an essential tool for creating a steady stream of website traffic, growing audience, and new prospects. Don’t worry if blogging isn’t your thing, there are ways to dictate this to others to write, or contact us for more guidance on expanding your business with blogs.

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