Zimple websites are built using OctoberCMS, a modern Content Management System (CMS) built on Laravel (a simple and effective framework to create full-featured web applications) that fully utilises the speed and flexibility of PHP 7+ (the code language that Zimple websites are built in). OctoberCMS offers a selection of features that make it stand out in the crowded CMS market. Most third party systems do not tend to go through a review process and do not have a mobile-responsive backend. The features available in OctoberCMS, in our experience, have felt superior in a lot of ways. 

These features include:

Clean & Simple

Everything in your CMS is something we put there and is designed for your ease of use. Tooltips, reminder text and help sections are simple to add to any part of the CMS. OctoberCMS is even responsive so you can use it on your tablet or phone.


Because OctoberCMS is built on the Laravel framework, it makes writing custom plugins to extend the functionality of your website simple. OctoberCMS even has a plugin builder to simplify the process further.

It uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, where almost everything is a plugin. This means that code modification is fast, uncomplicated and modular.

Database Migrations

OctoberCMS utilises database migrations to make switching between servers and performing upgrades painless.


It's much faster and leaner than most CMSs. This is due mostly to the Laravel framework and the Twig templating engine. Twig ensures that each page is served up as static html to the user, resulting in huge performance improvements and fast Google PageSpeed scores.


OctoberCMS locks off access to all files except for the index, so even if a malicious file is somehow uploaded to your server it will be inaccessible. Third-party OctoberCMS plugins go through an approval process before they can appear in the store ensuring that each plugin works and is malware free.

Written By

Blake Bennett


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