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The Challenge

Nuweigh, renowned for its commitment to excellence in weighing solutions and customer service, faced a significant challenge. The company's existing website needed to reflect its high standards of quality, as evidenced when dealing with its team and product solutions. This misalignment hindered effectively conveying its value proposition and outshining competitors online.

Zimple and Nuweigh's collaboration to produce a new website showcases the power of synergy between innovative companies. Both Zimple and Nuweigh brought their unique strengths to the table, combining expertise in design, development, and possibly even industry-specific knowledge.

In the numbers

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Project hours
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The Process


Zimple was engaged in designing a digital experience that not only resonated with Nuweigh's core mission but also elevated its online presence. Our strategy centred on creating a website that showcases Nuweigh's professionalism and expertise across various sectors. By focusing on a user experience tailored to meet the target market's needs, Zimple set out to redefine Nuweigh's digital footprint.


The new website was designed to align seamlessly with Nuweigh's physical identity, ensuring a cohesive brand experience across all platforms. Zimple implemented engaging visuals and interactive elements that highlighted Nuweigh's products, demonstrated the company's capabilities, and enhanced user engagement. This strategic design approach was aimed at increasing onsite conversion rates.


The revamped website has successfully positioned Nuweigh as a leader in the industry, distinctly ahead of its competitors in the digital space. Zimple delivered a user experience reflective of Nuweigh's market leadership in customer service, significantly improving onsite engagement and enquiry growth post-launch. 

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