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The Brief.

Theralux is a proudly Australian-designed and owned swimming pool filtration system. They recently expanded their business in a physical aspect to include the Theralux Active TM brand which offers ‘Pool Water at its Best’. They offer leading innovation and technology when it comes to pool filtration and mineral sanitation systems including: minerals, water purification, digital apps, heating, chlorinators and automated systems. 

They are traditionally a business focused on distribution via B2B through dealers and resellers, however this website project aimed to grow and evolve their direct consumer business via eCommerce, while supporting their dealer network further. 

Theralux have been a client of Zimple Digital for over five years in a digital marketing capacity. However, a need for a new website became evident as the limitations and dated technology of their existing site did not align with their business change and growth. 

Theralux wanted to exist within a new digital landscape that set their business up for success for at least the next three years. We were tasked with taking advantage of industry-leading design concepts and development to aid digital marketing strategies and deliver growth across website traffic, lead generation and sales, positioning Theralux with online authority.


  • Increased flexibility and ease of use through website CMS
  • Increased website enquiries and traffic
  • Increased landing page submissions through strategic DM activities
  • Streamlined user experience through e-commerce and dealer login

Service Areas


The process for Theralux was to first understand their new brand proposition, business structure and products. We conducted a kick off meeting virtually to identify the path to purchase and benefits of the new site for both consumers and businesses. It was identified during this meeting that Theralux wanted to offer support and value-added content through the website to their dealers, and offer consumers an easier purchasing experience, finding a dealer, support and in-depth product information. 

Post kick off meeting, our design team had in-depth discovery sessions to understand user experience and the market. Utilising this knowledge we put together a sitemap which addressed those users' needs. 

Due to the complexity of the sitemap and structure of content this was continually revised and addressed during the full design process. Once this sitemap had been approved we moved onto a homepage design which highlighted the new Theralux brand, and positioned them as leaders in this space. Post homepage sign off we moved into creating consistency through inner page design, this process took several months. 

The development process was a highly collaborative one as the site required API integration into CRM software, eCommerce functionality and customer front-end user login portal for dealers and calculator functionality.


The solution for Theralux was to create an entirely bespoke, custom website for their users, addressing the needs of each and offering an easy path to purchase. The site needed to highlight their vast product range, package options, how it works, dealer network and support while offering growth for their digital marketing campaigns. 

We prioritised UX by creating a mega menu which highlighted each element of the users’ needs including packages for those building a new pool, converting their existing pool or topping up their minerals. Likewise this mega menu and package system also spoke to commercial pool builders. The other part of this mega menu identifies every product and allows the user to navigate through to them with just one click, whilst also giving the option for the user to browse through products if they don’t know what they are looking for. 

One of the biggest issues for Theralux is that their buyers don’t necessarily know what the product is, the benefits of it or how to use it and so we designed dedicated landing pages to talk to those content pieces. These pages include high level visuals, video, and written content so the user can easily digest information on the page and also that it will rank well for SEO purposes. These pages also feature a mini menu which anchors to the bottom of the page so users can easily navigate back and forth between content on the page. 

At the forefront of our design was creating an equally easy-to-use CMS which allowed for growth and longevity in their online process. We adapted an approach to design modules that could be used on any page, in any order, depending on what content the client wanted featured. They are designed in bite size information pieces so as to surprise and delight the user as they navigate down the page. 

Several call to actions are also onsite to encourage the users to either checkout, utilise the calculator feature or submit a form for more information requests. The features completely custom coded functionality where a user can select what pool size and shape they have, what climate they live in and what issue they are trying to solve in order to be recommended products to best fix their solution. 

In order to better service their pool dealer network our recommendation was to create a dealer login system where they could access discounted products, marketing materials, videos, PDFs, how tos, support and new product releases. Each dealer is provided with their own login and can access this and request materials with the click of a button. Outside of this we also created an interactive Pool Dealer locator map to assist users in finding products closest to them, whilst also showcasing the dealers. 

Hidden to the user, the website offers a lot of technical prowess with seamless form integrations into Active Campaign landing each individual target audience (based on their selections from the forms) into dedicated lead nurture lists. Fully custom coded calculator, custom ecommerce checkout and totally bespoke dealer login portal creating the ultimate solution to Theralux niche needs. 

The Stats.

Score on customer exit survey
Decrease in bounce rate (YoY)
Increase in pages per session


After a lengthy journey with unexpected COVID delays in between we were able to produce a beautiful site with UX/UI at the forefront and seamless CMS and technical needs supporting it. The client is ecstatic with the final outcome and can’t believe the impact it has had on their business. Overall initial stats showcase higher engagement from users including stronger numbers in terms of pages per session and a decrease in bounce rate! This site is definitely a show stopper which puts their competition to shame.

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