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All Lift | Digital Marketing

CASE-STUDIES-2023 All-Lift---Case-Study all-lift-65


All Lift Forklifts and Access Equipment are a family-owned and operated company specialising in material handling and access equipment hire and sale. Their service extends to include servicing, spare parts, training and operators. All Lift first came to Zimple in 2014 for the design and development of their first website for their Sydney location. Fast forward eight years, three websites, four new locations and more campaigns than we can count, and Zimple now leads and manages All Lift’s marketing efforts with fully integrated digital campaigns.


The overall goals for the All Lift business are continued growth and “more, more, more”, with our digital goals supporting their ambition. We report on specific metrics around enquiries and conversions and cross-reference this with their internal sales data on a monthly basis. 

Over the last six months we’ve had a continued focus on increasing the rankings for top tier keywords, establishing a presence in the SERP for new locations and increasing engagement through their social media channels. 

After working on the account for over eight years, we have dedicated focus on internal KPIs which include: 

  • Increase qualified website traffic
  • Increase conversions 
  • Reducing cost per conversion 
  • Focusing on the higher quality lead through display and search networks 
  • Creating a holistic marketing strategy with activities which focus on the entire marketing funnel

Service Areas


Our process for creating a holistic digital marketing strategy can change month to month depending on a range of factors in the marketplace. However, it always starts with reflecting on the previous month's reports and insights. This gives us a solid foundation to identify new opportunities, and areas for improvement or just simply continue doing what works. 

Analysing the report and data in the past has allowed our team to identify vital trends, for example, All Lift’s website experienced more traffic from mobile devices but a higher conversion rate from desktop. Ultimately, users prefer to call instead of submitting forms. Therefore, by simply adding a clickable phone button to all landing pages we increased their mobile conversions from 25% to 80%.

Understanding the user's path to purchase is the holy grail for strategy when it comes to our digital marketing for All Lift; it underpins all of our campaigns and digital activities by identifying the information and questions users are seeking at different stages of their journey. This information guides us in relation channel selection, messaging and landing pages when targeting different users. We also utilise the path to purchase to identify any missing content pieces for the website or social media and create content around specific questions and information. 

In order to improve our rankings in the SERP we conduct a range of activities including blog writing, creating and testing on-site improvements, and undertaking website audits to identify technical issues such as duplicate copy. Our blog writing focuses on keyword specific, educational and informational content which the All Lift audience will find true value in, with a variety of blogs, news updates and case studies to keep the user engaged. Our on-site content updates are supported by technical SEO audits and improvements. These activities alone have resulted in a 277% increase in keywords ranking in a top three position compared to this time last year. 

As part of their holistic marketing strategy, we use organic social media and EDMs to build brand awareness, support SEO and ad activity, increase customer loyalty and distribute key messages identified through the user journey to educate and engage the audience. Since creating a social media strategy with clear content pillars, goals and objectives we have recorded a 103.2% increase in engagement and 100% uplift in conversions. 

The Stats.

Increase in onsite conversions
Increase in users
Increase in display conversions


Since All Lift’s expansion into a national business, we too expanded the digital marketing activities to take advantage of a holistic approach. The overall result has been more quality users coming to the website which is reflected in an increase in conversions across every channel. Notably organic users have increased by 48% with a 27% increase in conversion, showcasing that brand awareness is also growing for All Lift.

This strategy has been a huge success for All Lift and they’re extremely happy with their growth and digital approach. We are hoping to continue this success into the future as we look to begin a larger brand awareness campaign across multiple channels to complement their national growth. 

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