Hunter Plastic Surgery is Newcastle’s multi award-winning plastic surgery clinic, founded in 2009 by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff and his wife Amber. As a long term client, it was identified that Hunter Plastic Surgery’s online presence needed drastic improvements to reflect the high-quality, industry-leading and 5 star difference they offer in a physical capacity. 

The practice has an exclusive surgical focus on breast and body surgery that includes a variety of different procedures, all needing to be highlighted throughout the project. Hunter Plastic Surgery also has a dedicated non-surgical clinic offering the world’s best non-surgical options such as cosmetic injections.

The HPS team agreed to embark on a website development project with Zimple Digital under the proviso that it would position themselves positively in the market, allowing their users to see real life results, always keeping their patients at the heart of a cutting-edge design. It was imperative that this project catapulted their ongoing digital marketing strategies for years to come.


This project was identified with the primary need to address speed and performance issues related to their current website, which seriously compromised SEO performance. By doing so, we would be able to strongly position Hunter Plastic Surgery in the market to assist with increasing competition. It was noted that over 65% of traffic through to the HPS website came through mobile devices, in order to capture this traffic notable improvements needed to be made to increase functionality in this capacity.  The website and an ongoing digital marketing strategy should position HPS for success digitally for the next 3+ years. The overarching client key performance indicators were: 

  • Improved site speed and structure 
  • Improved technical score related to SEO 
  • Improved mobile experience
  • Increased lead submission generation.
Service Areas
  • UX Workshop

  • User Experience Design

  • User Interface Design

  • Website Development

  • Back-end Development

  • Project Management

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Analytics and Tracking


After months of working on Hunter Plastic Surgery’s online strategies it was identified that there were significant technical issues with their current website, and that a new site would need to be explored in order to increase results, especially through organic means.

From inception, this project was based on a heavily collaborative approach with both the HPS and Zimple teams. Prior to kick starting the website an extensive project brief was completed which outlined key performance indicators, competitor analysis, site requirements and fundamental design drivers. From here we were able to participate in a kick off meeting which reviewed site structure, design elements, technical features and overarching business objectives. 

Zimple conducted industry research in order to understand what the market was doing and how to generate an increase in results for the HPS team. This, coupled with the extensive knowledge Amber and her team have of what their clients are looking for, meant we could set the site structure in a way that would communicate effectively with their audience. 


In order to achieve digital success for the client Zimple Digital recommended an award winning design that pushed the boundaries for online plastic surgery clinics. We focused on a customer-centric journey and considered User Experience (UX) design, which highlighted real people with real results, that would continue to drive users to the website for years to come. 

As design was underway we explored a variety of concepts which incorporated the HPS brand colours of teal, pink and grey. We highlighted the need to focus on their core consumer proposition of their 5 star difference and utilised a variety of Call to Actions (CTA’s) to push the user throughout the site. With the use of a variety of forms we were ultimately able to create a conversion. 

Throughout this process considered digital marketing items were top of mind. A restructure of the overall website navigation was first and foremost to ensure strong UX and easy to use site architecture. Secondly, as more than 65% of traffic utilised this website through mobile devices we focused on the adaptive design and development to ensure users were captured through these mediums. By highlighting easy to use menu functionality, sticky contact forms attached to the footer of each page and optimised site speed we were able to ensure a great user experience on mobile devices, which ultimately resulted in higher conversions.

During development we were able to create a level of depth and engagement on site by utilising soft transitions and title underlays to create a heightened experience for the user. Multiple carousels offer the user to easily access all of the Hunter Plastic Surgery services from the home page and a mega menu creates a streamlined one-click experience to navigate anywhere on site. The high quality of work that Dr Moncreiff and his team produce is what sells HPS as a provider, we needed to highlight this throughout and, as such, before and after galleries were created to continually showcase their real results. 

Off the back of the initial project design it was identified that there was a gap in the market for online skincare purchases directly through clinics. We worked with the client to completely custom build an e-commerce store so they could push their skincare range. There were considerations to an online booking system where patients could also easily book online with one click. 

Throughout the entire project the HPS team were pivotal in communicating their clients’ needs, and ultimately pushing for a solution that highlighted real people.

increase in organic users (10 months post launch)
increase in conversions (10 months post launch)
decrease in bounce rate (10 months post launch)

The Hunter Plastic Surgery website provides our client with a modern, high-end, professional and luxe online platform to really push their digital messages. It supports their physical business presence and showcases their superior quality of work, real case studies and focus on customer service and satisfaction. The website allows them to be industry leaders in this space and focus on educational and information content for their patients. Amber and the team were aware this would be a lengthy project, with a big investment, but it has certainly paid off and is driving their success online.

"We chose to engage Zimple because they were local and award winning, and they have certainly delivered. After deciding to refresh our website last year we worked together to deliver a new site that is beautiful and functional. Importantly, it positioned us well for COVID as we had an online store in place before we had to shut down. Astonishingly, we have just had our biggest ever month in terms of traffic, despite the uncertain times. I would recommend Zimple for any business looking for a customised and aesthetically focused website, and broader digital marketing support."

Amber Moncrieff

Final Design
Hero Header
Featured Surgical Procedures
Renew Medispa Highlights
Get In Touch CTA
Easy to use Mini Menu
Video for Increased Engagement
Real Results - Before & Afters
Filtering Options for Strong UX
Listing View for Easy Navigation
Quick View on Hover
Contact CTA
Real Patients, Real Results
Business USP
Various Business CTA's
CTA for Real Patient Journeys
Featured Articles for Content Strategies
Skincare Store
Patient Journeys
Content Pages
ZimpleDigital-blogs ZimpleDigital-casestudies ZimpleDigital_WebsiteCaseStudy-HunterPlasticSurgery HPS_Homepage_small ZimpleDigital-blogs ZimpleDigital-casestudies ZimpleDigital_WebsiteCaseStudy-HunterPlasticSurgery HPS_ProceduresDetails_Small ZimpleDigital-blogs ZimpleDigital-casestudies ZimpleDigital_WebsiteCaseStudy-HunterPlasticSurgery HPS_SkincareListing_SmallV.2 ZimpleDigital-blogs ZimpleDigital-casestudies ZimpleDigital_WebsiteCaseStudy-HunterPlasticSurgery HPS_PatientJourneys_Small ZimpleDigital-blogs ZimpleDigital-casestudies ZimpleDigital_WebsiteCaseStudy-HunterPlasticSurgery HPS_5StarDifference_Small

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Lani Beaven


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