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Cocoa Nib

CASE-STUDIES-2023 Cocoa-Nib---Case-Study Cocoa-Nib---Case-Study 2021-10-12-cocoa-nib-junction-david-griffen-photography-004


Cocoa Nib is the only local handmade artisan chocolate brand. The business was born from founder Aymee’s love of her craft and desire to share it with the community. Aside from the unique and vibrant aesthetic and taste creations of the product, the local aspect of Cocoa Nib is its greatest point of difference in the market. The business prides itself on providing a product with only the highest quality ingredients and craftsmanship. Cocoa Nib were looking to bring their incredible product to a wider audience, digitally, to increase online sales and general brand awareness in the community.


After experiencing growth in the business, amounting to two bricks and mortar stores at Keith Tulloch Wine in the Hunter and The Junction in Newcastle, and an e-commerce store, Cocoa Nib wanted to double their online sales targets. The digital efforts to support this have required, ongoing, a strategic marketing plan that re-engages the current database, deploying remarketing campaigns and creating a more seamless ecommerce experience for users.

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Since undertaking a website redesign the abandoned cart rate has decreased by 20%, and the remaining audiences who fail to convert are captured through dynamic retargeting campaigns. By implementing ‘always on’ dynamic retargeting and smart shopping campaigns we have recorded an additional 3K in user sessions and 2.7K in users returning to the website. 

Secondary to this, the introduction of a strategic communication and advertising strategy has allowed us to re-engage current audiences and attract new audiences, particularly during high-demand periods such as the holiday season. 

This strategy focuses on re-engaging previous customers through EDMs, which are carefully curated to generate awareness surrounding new products and offers for seasonal campaigns. EDMs are also used to reward VIP customers by giving them early access to product drops and special promotions and becoming brand advocates by requesting testimonials. And as a result of this activity, we recorded a 275% increase in user sessions and tripled the conversion rate.  

In order to introduce new audiences to Cocoa Nib we incorporated seasonal paid social campaigns to drive traffic to the website for conversions. These campaigns drove 3000 new users to the Cocoa Nib website and doubled the ROAS. 

Finally, we launched an organic social media strategy that engages users and produces consistent messaging for their audience. Since implementing this strategy we have recorded a 271% increase in sessions of users coming directly to the website from organic social media platforms. This strategy has resulted in user sessions on the website increasing by 409% and organic social media sales increasing by 250%.   

YOY conversion rate
Revenue goal generated
Sales attributed to digital marketing


Overall, by implementing a digital marketing strategy that focuses on seasonal campaign activities we are able to leverage a reduced advertising budget to achieve significant ROAS and generate revenue. In addition, we have been able to successfully grow our email subscriber data to encourage return customers and grow our organic social media accounts along the way. 

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