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Mercy Services

CASE-STUDIES-2023 Mercy-Services---Case-Study mercyservices-new

The Brief.

Mercy Services are a provider of community and in-home support services across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Lower Hunter region. Mercy Services are committed to their core values of Justice, Respect, Service, Care and Unity and endeavour to translate these into daily actions and activate them through their employees.

Mercy Services identified the need to acquire new employees who are interested in employment and training opportunities within their organisation. Previously, they had average success with Seek advertisements, career fairs and employment days in an increasingly competitive recruitment environment.

Second to this, Mercy Services required an increase in numbers within their community transport division. 

This led them to enquire with Zimple about engaging SEO services and digital marketing opportunities.


  • Accurately communicate the benefits of the course and complete CCA Training with Mercy Services
  • Generate 50 enquiries for the CCA training course 
  • Secure 15 students to start the course per intake 
  • Increase overall brand awareness and 
  • Increase community transport service numbers from 60% to 90%

Service Areas


Firstly, our team undertook an in-depth competitive analysis and marketing research to identify opportunities and advantages. From here we created a strategy proposal where we pinpointed the overarching approach for the campaign. 

Following this, we conducted a kick-off meeting with Mercy Services that identified the key target audience, tone of voice and messaging. Throughout this kick-off meeting we recognised the need to communicate Mercy Services’ level of quality care, the support they offer during training and the benefit of job security participants receive. These messages would be communicated to the main targeted audiences being empty nesters and new graduate students.

To successfully communicate this to our audience we recognised the need for video assets.  Through a persona exercise, we also identified that social media, specifically Facebook, would be the most effective channel to distribute our campaign. Because this campaign was only during certain periods of the year and not ‘always on’, and the industry Mercy Services operates in is competitive for new staff we ruled out the need for SEO. 

The next step was producing the creative concept and overall direction for media production. This included identifying the key messages we needed to communicate, a creative storyboard and pre-production. Following this, we completed a full day of video production and post-production where he had multiple rounds of feedback with Mercy Services before the final round of video edits and completion of assets.

While our assets were being finalised, we began to optimise the Mercy Services’ website and landing pages for the campaign. This ensured that users coming from the ads to the website were able to easily find information about the CCA Training program. 

The first creative distribution was 3 x 30-second videos that were talking head videos specifically speaking to each target audience. These videos communicate why Mercy Services is the best through employee testimonials. 

The second creative was a remarketing campaign for the users that engaged with the first campaign. It featured the Mercy Services’ people and culture officer explaining what the course is going to give you and what’s involved. 

The final video we utilised was the hero video which was 2-3 minutes and featured on the website. This asset is all-encompassing, it includes all the details of the course, what it is, what the benefits are, and how to get involved. It also provided a little insight about Mercy services, their ethos and what a career in care means. It featured other employees, trainees and senior management.

Throughout the implementation and optimisation of this campaign, our digital marketing team also undertook local SEO services for Mercy Services’ community transport. This involved optimising their Google My Business listing, optimising their website and ensuring Mercy Services Community Transport is appearing on all the relevant search directories.

Throughout the duration of the campaign, we had a strong focus on optimising the ads by updating the ad copy to be timely and relevant and expanding the target audiences to make the most of the budget and avoid full creative fatigue.

The Stats.

Program enrolments (the most they have ever had) in one of the most challenging markets.
Position on SERP for ‘Community transport Newcastle’
Video Plays


The overall result of the CCA training program was successful, with our efforts securing 11 program enrolments. This is the most Mercy Services have ever had in one of the most challenging markets (thanks COVID and job demand). The clicks, engagement on the creative and overall traffic to the website also had a huge impact on brand awareness. 

Mercy Services were so pleased with our digital marketing results they have undertaken another CCA training campaign and engaged Zimple for other services.

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