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Daracon and Arenco

CASE-STUDIES-2023 Daracon---Case-Study Daracon-banner-new

The Brief.

Daracon had recently relocated to a new purpose-built premise and wanted to redevelop their existing website in keeping with their new look, as well as moving away from their existing websites outdated Content Management System (CMS).

The brief for this project was to enable Daracon to better reflect - both in content and design - the extent the business had grown. In addition, their sister companies site Arenco, was to be designed and developed leveraging the Daracon base template, ensuring consistency across the brands to further highlight the expansion of Daracon Group's operational capacity.


  • A website built on a robust, industry supported, easy-to-update CMS, that will scale with the business as it continues to grow

  • Modern design with User Interface (UI) scaling and considered Information Architecture (IA)

  • A smaller-scale template of the Daracon site for Arenco that mimics the design of Daracon with minor content changes and fewer pages.

Service Areas


Daracon Group (DG) engaged Zimple initially through a Business Discovery Workshop project where team members from each of the business’s key silos were present and able to discuss the businesses in great detail, alongside their wants/needs for a new website development.

This was a crucial stage that allowed key members of our team to thoroughly immerse themselves in the business and get familiar with DG’s pain points to ensure we could deliver a solution that would meet and exceed their expectations.

Workshop documentation and key recommendations for the approach, design and development of both sites were submitted to DG and Zimple was awarded the website development project for both Daracon and Arenco.

Design and development of the sites ran smoothly with all project milestones delivered on-time and within scope. Toward the back-end of development Daracon approached Zimple to assist with the development of the large volume of website content to ensure the go-live could be achieved as scheduled.


A distinctly simple and striking website with considered information architecture. The overall design is modular, allowing the design to work for both Daracon and Arenco’s requirements, which was a core requirement of the brief.

The websites promote the Daracon Group’s service and capabilities, through showcasing projects and the scope/services involved via imagery and the carefully considered copy supports this. Our approach to copywriting is data-driven, with our digital marketing team first analysing search volume trends that were then briefed into our copywriter to ensure content was both relevant, informative and optimised for search engines. This ensured the site was set up to succeed on go-live.

A strong focus on users was considered and reflected in the dual navigation setup, with core aspects of the site visible in primary navigation, and secondary information housed within a hamburger menu.

The back-end CMS is dynamic, flexible and automated to DG’s liking to ensure maintaining the site and its content is an enjoyable process for all.

The end result is a website that both Daracon Group and Zimple are proud to have produced.

The Stats.

Referral traffic between the 2 sites
Of the sites visits are organically delivered
Client satisfaction in post-project survey

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