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Cocoa Nib | UX Design, Website Design, Website Development, Digital Marketing

CASE-STUDIES-2023 Cocoa-Nib---Case-Study Cocoa-Nib---Case-Study 2021-10-12-cocoa-nib-junction-david-griffen-photography-005

The Brief.

After experiencing growth in the business (amounting to two brick and mortar stores at Keith Tulloch Wine in the Hunter and The Junction in Newcastle) and an ecommerce store, Cocoa Nib had focused and specific goals in wanting to double their online sales targets. 

To date, Cocoa Nib has grown their business predominantly through WOM. To achieve growth through an online presence they looked to revamp the website and invigorate digital marketing and organic social media efforts.

The drive for this was the existing website’s challenges such as high cart abandonment and limited product interaction (filtering, choosing flavours, adding cards, gift wrapping, etc) and a struggle with presenting a clear brand personality on digital platforms.

There arose a huge opportunity for Cocoa Nib to own the online space for local handmade boutique chocolates by offering an easy user experience on a newly designed website and clear digital marketing strategy to bring their unique product and brand to life, visually.


  • Create a website with a streamlined User Experience
  • Increase the UX by offering more flexibility and browsing options for their customers 
  • Increase yearly sales by an additional $10K 
  • Enhance the online experience for Cocoa Nib to bring more inline with their quality products and experience through their brick and mortar stores 
  • Drive interest, traffic and sales through digital marketing paid and organic activity


Prior to our kickoff meeting, we conducted a website audit to measure the site’s effectiveness when trying to purchase a number of products. We found that users were easily confused by not being able to purchase from the product details page, and having to go to the Shop tab to purchase products. Further to this, the Shop page was confusing to users as they were having to select Category to view products. This meant there was no way for a user to browse all products. 

Along with this, our digital marketing team completed a discovery phase which identified:

  • High cart abandonment rate 
  • Poor user experience on the website
  • No digital activity to encourage users back to the website 
  • No strategy surrounding seasonal events  

These insights allowed us to focus on user types and journeys to understand their needs, and compare this to the website audit. We identified that there was a missed opportunity to engage larger clients like corporate businesses and events such as weddings with little to no information available to educate a user on these services.

The decision was made to completely restructure the site and reorder/combine content to make it easier for each user type to find relevant information and to order products, and forge a strong digital marketing strategy that aligned with the client’s goals


We structured the site to better accommodate our main users: Consumer, Corporates and Weddings/Events. We also deployed digital marketing efforts that included optimising onsite performance, content production and initial paid activity. 

For consumers onsite, we ensured they were able to browse all products at once rather than selecting a category before viewing that product range. We added filters to this page so they had the option to view by category, price, dietary requirements, chocolate type and ingredients if needed, but it wasn’t mandatory. 

A key area of improvement was the bon bon chocolate boxes, which are Cocoa Nib’s best selling product. The previous site did not allow users to select their desired flavours.

To solve this problem, we included drop downs for each bon bon available in the box for the user to select from. The four piece box included four drop downs with each available flavour. By doing it this way, the user could select the same flavour more than one time. 

We also listed each flavour on the bon bons page as a visual guide for the user to choose from. 

For Corporates and Weddings/Events user types, we created landing pages that spoke directly to these audiences, including contact calls to action. 

Post Go-Live 

With a reinvigorated website we were then able to implement a multi channel digital marketing strategy to drive users to the website; paid and organic advertising targeting users at each stage of the buyer's journey. 

We utilised remarketing activity to encourage users back to the website to complete transactions that might not have happened otherwise, and identified key calendar dates to assist in pushing high revenue time periods. These seasonal campaigns run through paid advertising, email marketing and organic social media which resulted in significant revenue growth. 

Finally, we implemented a social media strategy that supports our other activities as well as educating, engaging and delighting our audiences.


A strong digital marketing strategy coupled with the redesign of the website we were able to supersede the clients objectives and goals. Reaching 150% growth in Year on Year online sales, huge reductions in cart abandonment and increasing the user experience across on the website. 

Aymee and the Cocoa Nib team are extremely satisfied with the overall process and end results for their business.

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