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Artisan Exterior | UX Design, UI Design and Development

CASE-STUDIES-2023 Artisan---Case-Study christian-lambert-diYY2TMBY5g-unsplash

The Brief.

To make the digital experience of exploring the Artisan product range enjoyable and easy to navigate for users. 

This was to be achieved by aligning the UX direction of the website with the direction of the brand; clean, essential and understated. Artisan Exterior delivers amazing outdoor products, Our task was to deliver a website that presented Artisan Exterior’s amazing outdoor products in a way that was confident, but not shouty.


Artisan Stone rebranded to Artisan Exterior earlier in the year and needed to update its online presence to match the new brand identity. The new brand, while understated, heroes the products so the use of high quality imagery was a key to the new website. 

The client’s key performance indicators were:

  • Streamline user experienced with an enhanced design 
  • Increase conversions and enquiries on site
  • Increase SEO functionality for continued organic growth 
  • Flexible CMS to meet ongoing business needs.

Service Areas


The new branding, provided to Zimple by the client, gave us insight into what the website should look like. Zimple’s task was to develop the website in a way that would successfully represent their new bold direction. 

To demonstrate our ability to achieve this, we held a kick off meeting that allowed the client to share their rebrand and the vision for the site. We were able to dissect the necessary information through holding a few creative exercises and, pardon the pun, set in stone a visual direction for the new site.

The biggest hurdle was restructuring the site so it was easy to understand from a user perspective given the breadth of their product range. This was achieved by asking the right question to the sales and marketing team to evaluate all user types, and creating a journey for each of these audiences. 


The website solution for the rebranded Artisan Exterior was to create a digital space that highlighted the high quality products that Artisan offered. The rebrand was sophisticated, clean and modern, and the website needed to showcase the products on the same level.

We prioritised the User Experience (UX) by creating a mega-menu that allows search by category (Floor/wall/pool) and the user to either browse each landing page, or delve further into the subcategory of material (porcelain, natural stone etc.).

In the initial meeting, the client identified that not knowing what material they wanted was a user pain point, and they were typically only interested in the style and colour of a tile. However, the mega-menu also caters for users who know which product they’re looking for by navigating straight to the material of each product type.

Each landing page (‘All floor tiles’, for example) offers education and value through a short blurb description of the applicable product.

A further function we proposed was the ‘compare’ feature. This allows the user to add and compare swatches from each product type, side by side. It also allows the user to place floor tile swatches next to wall tile swatches as a visual guide to how they might work together. The user is then able to share their selections with their partner or to a business. This feature is something that not only customers would use, but also the internal sales team, and architects or designers for their clients.

The individual product pages for each colour have a unique URL; from a user’s point of view – where they are focused on the look of the tile – the information for each tile colour was also unique. This is best practice for SEO, and UX. Each product had its own overview copy, key features, tech specs, downloads, install product list and gallery.


The website has positioned our client as the leaders in transforming people’s outdoor spaces with only the best products. Secondary to the quality products, Artisan pride themselves on being reliable and professional. Their wide range of natural stone pavers and tiles appeal not only to customers, but to professionals such as architects, landscapers and pool builders. The new website is a reflection of the experience that customers receive in store: informative, easy to navigate and visually appealing.

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