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Buildingwise Construction | UX Design, UI Design and Development

CASE-STUDIES-2023 Buildingwise---Case-Study banner-1

The Brief.

Buildingwise Construction is a local building and construction company servicing the Greater Newcastle Area in residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Their services range from alterations and additions to new architecturally designed homes, heritage restorations and multi-unit complexes.

Buildingwise engaged Zimple for a new website to address increasing competitor activity across digital channels. The development was to act as a key launching point and control element for future activities with a vision to building an industry-leading digital presence capable of delivering business opportunities in key market segments.


Design a digital experience that delivers credibility and capability to potential clients allowing stakeholders to build a professional connection to their industry and the people who make it work. Building Wise is to facilitate the varying needs across the construction sector while conveying knowledge to potential clients, through demonstration of past works in a diverse manner.

We were to build a website built on a robust, industry supported, easy-to-update CMS, which will scale with the business as it continues to grow, while providing digital innovation and clean user experience capable of evoking engagement across a broad range of interactions.

Service Areas


Through the use of some creative exercises in a kick-off meeting (specifically, gut tests) we were able to establish a clear direction for the new Buildingwise website. Through this, we established Buildingwise’s want for a minimalist look and feel, and well performing website for SEO. We were also able to discuss the key areas of the website that we needed to ensure users could access easily. Through asking the right questions we were able to identify a key area of the business that Buildingwise were looking to grow in and made user experience decisions to try and achieve more business in that space.

We conducted a separate copywriting meeting to establish tone of voice for a full website rewrite. 


The solution for the new Buildingwise website was to design and develop a modern and high quality website to match that of Buildingwise projects. The use of dark style and sophisticated typography alongside an intuitive user experience ensures potential Buildingwise clients find the relevant area of interest. 

Each service page outlines the capabilities of the Buildingwise team and then proves those capabilities with links to view the service specific projects. Furthermore, small animations and page transitions are used to heighten the brand experience when navigating the Buildingwise website.

Recognising that imagery plays a big part in the construction industry, the project pages contain 5 different image modules. This gives Buildingwise the flexibility to structure their project pages in a way that best highlights the key parts of each project.

Buildingwise really wanted a website that was minimalistic in its look and feel whilst also ensuring the important information for each page was available to the user. This really influenced the design and with minimalistic design being harder said than done we feel we’ve perfectly achieved our clients desires for their new website. 

Also ensuring the website was the perfect platform to begin undertaking digital marketing was a big influence of the website direction. With our many years of experience designing and developing websites to succeed in a competitive digital landscape we ensured the user experience met the criteria that Google encourages.

Copywriting acknowledged and answered user pain points and needs, and presented the unique solutions offered by Buildingwise, while staying true to the values and tone of the brand and business.


Working with Buildingwise was a really collaborative effort both with the client, and within our internal service offerings. From design to development to copywriting, the process was seamless and successful both in terms of meeting deadlines and in the client’s positive response to the website. Zimple produced a visually appealing site with a minimalist look and feel while incorporating highly considered copywriting to produce a successful SEO strategy and user experience. Buildingwise were very pleased with the end result and have received great feedback from their broader network. 

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