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Skelcon | Website Design, Development and Copywriting

CASE-STUDIES-2023 Skelcon---Case-Study SKELCON-DETAILS-13

The Brief.

Skelcon has grown in both size and reputation over recent years and approached Zimple Digital to increase their online presence to match their physical in the fitout and construction space. They requested a simple, practical and easy-to-use website that represented their high quality work in the construction and fitout spaces. Skelcon had a keen interest in pushing all aspects of their business with a key focus on medical, dental, hospitality, education and commercial fitouts.


The overall objective for the Skelcon project was to position the brand as an industry leader in Newcastle for medical and commercial fitouts. The client’s key KPIs were:

  • Develop a digital presence to increase acquisition of medical fitout clients

  • Develop a website to reflect the Skelcon brand 

  • Develop a website that acts as a portfolio for potential clients to understand the high quality of Skelcon projects.

Service Areas


The process with Skelcon began with a project kick-off meeting. Here we analysed, discussed and worked through a number of workshop activities that allowed us to understand the key drivers behind the Skelcon brand. This included: project deliverables, business silos, target audiences, sitemap requirements and technical features. 

The project was then scheduled and the project timelines communicated to the client for key meetings and dates. Pivotal points in the project were signed off after design, development and copywriting and this was communicated clearly with the client. Zimple Digital undertook considered industry research before beginning the overall design look and feel with sitemap considerations before making recommendations based on the findings.


Our solution for Skelcon was to develop a website that utilises high-end imagery, simplistic design, and a modular build to ensure it communicated the Skelcon brand clearly. The modular development meant that the client had the ability to change and update pages with ease as their physical business evolves. 

Communicating their expertise and projects were key pillars for success, so we included specific expertise pages to identify the unique experience Skelcon offer per business silo. We also developed an easy-to-use Projects section to work similarly to a blog, increasing organic search rankings with onsite content and giving the client the ability to communicate every project’s success to potential new clients.  

Zimple Digital also worked through all onsite content, writing this in-house. This included the production of 16 project articles that highlighted Skelcon’s success. Each included in-depth research on all projects; the Skelcon client, specific industry rules and regulations, and the overall success. The copywriting was undertaken after considered digital marketing activities which included, using industry specific keyword research to position Skelcon for success right from launch.

The Stats.

project case studies and counting
of deadlines achieved


Overall Zimple Digital successfully produced a high-end website to communicate that Skelcon is an industry leader in the intuitive, efficient and practical delivery of medical, commercial and fit-out projects. Their online presence highlights the push for new medical, dental and hospitality clients and really showcases the speciality of each sector.

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