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The Brief.

Zenviron specialise in the design, engineering and construction of the “balance of plant” on large-scale wind farms in Australia and New Zealand. “Balance of plant” refers to the whole of the project, excluding the supply and installation of wind turbine generators. This typically involves the design and construction of the roads, hardstands, WTG foundations, MV cabling, transmission lines and substation/s. 

Zenviron provides solutions to a niche field with unique expertise in this field, particularly in Australia. Their knowledge is critical for successful and safe completion of the projects their clients engage them for, to produce a quality, on-time outcome. 

Zenviron engaged Zimple after feeling their existing website did very little to adequately demonstrate who they are and what they do. A lot of the design was dated and not conducive to a positive user experience, and the content did not clearly define their services, benefits, values and goals. 

Zimple were tasked with designing a new website that used aesthetic and practical elements to better represent their evolving, more current, brand and rewrite the content to better cement their tone as a company, and clearly share their message and service.


The existing website was launched during the first five years of the organisation. As the tide turns further in Australia (and globally) toward investment in renewables in Australia, investors and governments alike are funding green energy projects via vested developers.

To ensure viability in this area, Zenviron required a new website that clearly communicated what they do, their credentials and their people and values. The website also needed to communicate the strengths of Zenviron as an employer and highlight the benefits of working with Zenviron and its unique culture to attract future employees.

This was to be achieved through fresh visual elements, UX design and development, and a content overhaul. 

Service Areas:


This entire project was completed whilst the country was still in hard lockdown. Both the Zimple and Zenviron teams were working from home and conducting all of our meetings and workshops over Zoom calls. As part of the Zimple process, we conducted workshop activities designed to uncover deeper insights into understanding the business and brand needs. Adding the complexity of not being face-to-face, this was an early challenge we needed to overcome and still achieve the high standard of UX and design that Zimple is known for.


Zimple conducted UX audits on all the existing website content and structure. We then proposed an approach that would address their goals and better communicate their key differences through copywriting and a considered/optimised UX.

We consolidated pages and content, grouping sections to guide a better user flow starting with a revised sitemap and top-level navigation. This resulted in the right content being discovered by the user much faster. We also created an in-page sidebar device that gives quick access to related pages within the current nested group. The aim was to present multiple entry points to related content on each page. Because this site is so content heavy, it required a solution that puts the user’s needs first by presenting these entry points and enabling discovery by the user.

Outside of the existing logo, other visual assets needed to be created to fill out the rest of the brand and round out the visual ID. These included a more fleshed-out colour palette with gradient options, animated backgrounds, video content and a wave device that creates an interesting visual rhythm and guides the eye down the page to points of interest.

In terms of content, an initial audit was completed to identify gaps in information, hurdles to user experience and tone inconsistencies. We then met, virtually, with a number of Zenviron team members to get a gauge of what information and messages were most important to them, and discuss how to collate collective ideas into one streamline tone and message. Our copywriter worked concurrently with the progress of the design of inner pages to troubleshoot, support and create solutions for each page that represented the identified goals. 

The content was presented to Zenviron for feedback. The process we had put in place to preeminently understand their requirements meant only a few tweaks occurred from first draft to final outcome.


The final website was completed to the usual high standard of a Zimple project, with the added management complexity of it running through the pandemic lockdown period. It is a fresh, clean and crisp update to their current brand and digital presence. A site that will serve our client well for many years to come.

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