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Profilo Surgical

CASE-STUDIES-2023 Profilo-Surgical---Case-Study Profilo-listing-new

The Brief.

Profilo Surgical’s services include oral and maxillofacial surgery, specialising in orthognathic jaw surgery. Servicing Newcastle, Sydney and interstate, they also are recognised internationally for the high level of expertise provided to patients in their practice.

Profilo Surgical engaged Zimple Digital to create a website that educates users on specialised jaw surgery procedures, and addresses the stigmas around it, in a way that was easy for the user, and presented in a visually beautiful way.

The aim of the website was to establish, and allow future growth of, Profilo Surgical as a practice with leading digital presence for both future patients, and in the industry.


  • Design a digital experience that delivers credibility and capability to potential patients and referring practitioners. Allowing stakeholders to build a professional connection to the industry and the people who make it work.
  • The website was to be both practitioner and patient focused so that both target audiences can find the information they require, make informed decisions and take action (professional referrals, and the public to get in touch directly).
  • Position Profilo Surgical as industry- and thought- leaders in the field of jaw surgery through education and before-and-after demonstration.
  • Utilise development and design digital innovation with a clean user experience capable of evoking engagement across a broad range of interactions.

The client’s key performance indicators were: 

  • Streamline user experienced with an enhanced design 
  • Increase conversions and enquiries on site
  • Increase SEO functionality for continued organic growth.

Service Areas


We entered the kick-off meeting with the client with a firm understanding of the business, the client’s goals for the website, along with identification of target audiences and competitors.

At the kick-off meeting with the client, we used that groundwork understanding to build on with the client’s ingrained knowledge of their practice, the industry and who they were (and wanted to be) within that.

We were able to establish what their existing marketing and communications strategies were, the current onsite content (including what they liked and didn’t like), and engaged in ‘brand personality’ exercises to deepen our knowledge of what that would like digitally.

The outcome was their desire to have a website that was modern, clean, simple, professional and included a lot of imagery.

The identified stages of customer journeys, from first hearing about the service to those who were returning to kickstart the surgery process with Profilo, enabled us to design and develop navigation to support all journeys.

The decision was made to reconfigure the vast amount of content, and rework the UX in a way that allowed them to navigate more easily through the information.


We suggested repositioning the website around two primary audiences: practitioners and patients.

By creating main navigation features for procedures and conditions, it allows the user to find what they are looking for and have these pages crossover and reference each other. For example, a page for a condition includes a section on the related procedures to correct that condition. The user can seamlessly move through information in an intuitive and clear way.

With an overwhelming amount of information on the existing site, and subsequently supplied hard copy material, relating to each condition and procedure, we were tasked with keeping the page layouts aesthetically similar, and the content to be easily digestible. This was achieved by designing the website with a modular approach.

Each content module was also designed with large amounts of content in mind and therefore each module has the ability to include accordion sections for neatness, and to avoid user overwhelm.

Regarding imagery, we created alignment with the particular conditions and procedures without overuse of clinical images. Instead, we opted for a warm and engaging experience with imagery that supported the approachable friendly side of the Profilo Surgical experience, interwoven with before and afters and some anatomical illustrations.

Overall the design is simple and offers a premium user experience, while still supporting an impactful visual experience thanks to innovative web development techniques and animated elements and transitions.


The new takes on a streamlined user experience without sacrificing on design. It showcases an enhanced design through the inclusion of a modular design and modern animations and transitions. The content has been reworked so that it speaks directly to the target audiences and imagery conveys a warm and welcoming feel. Overall the new website challenges traditional surgical websites and is a great reflection of the quality to be expected from Profilo Surgical, from service to surgery.

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